Chapter 2- Fraud

Everything is connected.They keep talking to me no matter how near death I am,no matter how bad I feel and no matter what happens.All they do is just to mislead me so that I get confused while the injuries and the medications I have to take now have been able to break down my body and my ability to think clearly and to be able to express myself with words and to make me incapable to explain the obedience of the crime that power has exposed me to.The result of their police investigation is that I disappear as a person where I pamper myself.I am degraded as an individual where in the end I do not become mentally clear in my mind,I will be seduced in the end as a person where I am not finished according to my own senses.That is why the electrical appliances are on sale so we go into the trap of losing our minds and becoming mentally ill where our voice will be declared invalid by the state.All the psychological torture the state has committed on me for more than a decade is for the state to have me as a mentally obliterated individual in court who cannot defend himself in the end so that it will be the state that is always right so they can say that I have done wrong after wrong through my life.I have shamed myself over and over again because of ruined body and my ruined psyche,but I have not committed any crime.It would have been better for me if the police instead of hurting me to death in such an advanced and drawn out way that they had instead taken their service weapon and shot me to death on the street.It would have been many times more humane to me than now to witness around the clock how my body dies while I’m still alive.I die in the same way as when a Tarantel dies in paralysis that has been stung by the Tarantel Falcon where I witness how my body gets eaten while I’m still alive.The Swedish state does not give me the same humanism as they give their humanism to animals.They do not allow animals to suffer,because if they suffer then they are killed by the state while the state has treated me worse than animals.They have massacred my body and they have given me a suffering that is infinitely many times worse than the suffering that dying animals can have.If they fail to eliminate us and drive us crazy through torture for 13 years in words then the state has created the 9 volt electrical death as the last death trap where no one can remain normal with the massacred body.To make it acceptable as something harmless and attractive to the population then they advertise that death by lying to all of us where they test,for example,Taser and where the clown who has encountered a thousand volts gets up completely unharmed after this electric shock,as if nothing has happened.It is not deadly directly it is true but when you realize what damage occurs directly the first time and considering that after 1 year the body dies completely with delayed damage then you realize that it is death penalty and the end of one’s life.They have killed me physically and mentally and in the end if I have not been able to commit suicide then I am no longer clear in my head according to my senses and then the Swedish power can end the crime chapter in which I am involved in according to the Swedish democratically fabricated truth and justice that fits in the fabricated image that Sweden launches to the world the media’s image of itself as the country of human rights and freedom where everyone has equal value,especially women.When you look at me you just see scandal and my only fault is that I am still alive.You can actually make money for such scandals.For the Swedish power,I am a simple scandal refugee from Bosnia who will be an inspiration to Swedish parasite writers who have lived their lives in harmony with genuine human rights where all that I have been exposed to of this Swedish society to start from the Police and so on, will look like Science fiction to those where all this is impossible.There they all back each other, all of them together win on this story of my ended life and everything at my expense.Therefore I must first disappear,therefore they have ended my life.I have blindly believed in the Swedish state to 100% full and now in the end I have realized that even this most democratic society on Earth is a simple fraud.They talk in the media about criminals committing fraud where they go to prison for small sums of money.Admittedly,it is wrong to rob and commit crimes.But the state requires that ordinary people should not commit crimes and murders.To this end,they use all instances in society against individuals and they boast about this in the media.They threaten people who commit crimes with life imprisonment while they themselves commit even worse crimes than crimes committed by ordinary people.They make sure that we ordinary people cannot prove a single word about the crime that we have been exposed to.They kill us all and we ordinary people do not stand up for each other after which for most people the most important thing is that they themselves have not been harmed.People are not aware that they themselves can end up in the same situation later in their lives.It is assumed that since you have not done anything therefore the state will never give up on yourself,but it does not matter to the state.They can pick anyone who is guilty or not guilty and treat or harm as they have hurt me.They can choose even children who are not experienced and lead the child into the crime’s resting path,or lead them into the grave.They manage to drive a person into suicide in just a week.All people dream about money.Som chooses to make money in the criminal way and it is doomed to failure from the beginning.I also dreamed of having a lot of money.I recently played Lotto,Eurojackpot,Keno and Viking lotto until one time I read on a forum where a man with a Swedish name was critical and claimed that the number draws are done half an hour before it is broadcast on TV.He says it is a pure fraud.I believe in it now.In order for you to be able to play the lottery with large millions of dividends,you have to be registered in Swedish games.When you watch as they show numbers on the TV screen,you see that the camera is constantly shifting back and forth almost like you can get epilepsy from it.Each number is made of a video clip separately.So when they draw out winners,computer knows in fraction of second what name leads and approaches 7 correct numbers.If they don’t like the name that is close to winning the jackpot,they simply take a video clip with another number half an hour before they broadcast it on TV.In the end, the only thing that sets the lottery apart from a fraud is the lottery inspection which means that we should believe in the truth content of this lottery just because of the lottery inspection which is a state claiming authority that controls it all,we believe it because of our belief that the state controls everything to see that no fraud is being committed.It is the state that has appointed lottery inspection for this purpose.The majority of the population believe in it just as they believe in the Swedish state.I have also believed in the Swedish state and I have worked two sometimes three Saturdays just to play Lotto,Eurojackpot and Keno.I lost over 100,000 SEK in a few years where I dreamed that I will buy a house for myself and my child where we will have a better life, or until two years ago when I went on the trap of state death.When they are prepared to kill their citizens while keeping silent about it in the media and while brainwashing people into false security through the media misleading news where they have never uttered a single word about the massacre of people,then it is nothing for them to commit fraud for billions in Swedish lottery.They always say that winners who always remain anonymous have said it and been pleasantly surprised.I think the lottery winners in many cases don’t even exist.The thing is that they can manipulate video lottery numbers in such a way that they choose a different video clip with different numbers drawn.I do not believe in lottery inspection because for the state it is obvious to lie on television for people.It is obvious to them not to allow an extremist to access such large sums of money of hundreds of millions.It’s fraud that is so obvious when you look at the TV video flashing screen back and forth.What they give most attention to is the program leaders who talk smiling with happy words and the constantly blinking TV picture of the mixer back while they should instead focus attention on the mixer and balls.They should show only two TV frames.In one they should show the program leaders including the whole mixer and in the other frame they should show enlarged picture of the balls that have been drawn from the beginning of the TV draw to the end of the video draw with only the two TV picture screen without shifting forward and back.Even so,they can commit fraud because they can make another draw again.To be absolutely sure of and exclude completely the possibility of committing fraud is to make it balls draw in a room full of people where people play it and see with their own eyes that this is the only time they draw out the numbers.They call it live streaming which is a pure lie after they admit they mix the video clip half hour before the TV broadcast and then it is not live.But people are passive because of belief in the state.Everything is based on our confidence in the state where,because of our blind faith in the state,they never question.We think, that is the state they would never allow fraud to be committed.But picking money from ordinary people is the standard for power, while getting people millions is excluded.They can give out profits to people and they make it so that people hear about winners but it is controlled where winners get millions only if the state approves it.If there is room where fraud can be committed,it is already a fraud.There are no millions for us ordinary people.From the state we only get hope and a dream of winning but in reality winning all the numbers right is not one in a million but chance of winning all numbers right is 0 in a million.I just believe in the eyes of ordinary people who play and who want to win for it is our money of us ordinary people.Swedish games are owned by the state so what I understand if I am not wrong now.It is not a crime to take money out of desperate ordinary people’s pockets.Small criminals go to prison for small sums of money earned illegally while the state can commit murders and fraud for billions.They can manipulate us with hatred and they can lead us into war while we don’t question anything.Ordinary people do not question anything precisely because of the propaganda they run in the media around the clock.The truth is that we are born poor,we have lived our lives in poverty where we fight for our survival and we will die poor while they have lived and will live their lives in wealth.The smartest thing we can do is break their scam that they maintain day after day.I am the one who has believed in them and now I see that they are even evil killers.Through me they want to show that it is better that we return to our countries.Now I think so,it is vital to have your own country where you are not politically executed as I have been by the Swedish state.I,as a person from the beginning,am extremely quiet and withdrawn where I make myself and would never want to make myself remarkable in any way,but these injuries are so extremely terrible,serious and dangerous that they even drive me crazy,me the quietest person on this planet to take to an extreme act like this where i continue to write all this in my suffering completely openly giving away my civil anonymity and personal integrity.I cannot exist,live and be normal at the same time with injuries I have.Had I been beaten then I had said it once,my body had healed injuries that I have after some time and I had not taken it up ever again but here I stay battered around the clock,day after day and night after night again.These injuries teach me just in one direction straight into the grave and I am already there.You can see this as if I am broadcasting live while I die,to my last breath.These injuries are spread further in the body,best compared to leukemia and this is exactly as serious and has the same meaning as leukemia and cancer where it is in full swing around the clock to destroy,dissolving and breaking down my body and my psychic ability to continue to think clearly as a human being.Physically,I feel that my leg muscles are broken when I start losing contact with them now.It eats me inside and out.Because of lower back pain,I lose strength in my body so I can no longer walk the same stretches I did before.I try to use the body that ceases to exist but I have to support myself and I have to cope with all the tasks that all other people have to do to function and exist in the society that has done this to me.This has exactly the same meaning as if someone had shot a gun bullet in my head where time passes slowly.In both cases,it is one that dies in death although it has been over two years before the bullet has blown one’s brain and it is precisely this that is the great and great thing about this electro stimulation and ECT trap,that the state has used all the time since they have discovered the terrible impact of electric current on pigs to be slaughtered.Since it has been two years since you were injured by e-stim,it is a shortcut for the state where they relinquish all responsibility for the fatal injuries to one,where they can say you have come in contact with it for two years ago,then and only now do you complain that you are hurt by this.Are you sure it may have caused damage to your nerves.Here a week I have been offered a doctor’s examination because I have said that my leg was hurt long ago and that it has been even worse now at the end.When I got to the doctor well there I explained to him how I was injured.I said everything to him,even though the electrical appliance and that I want referral to X-ray or magnetic X-ray where you can actually see changes in the body with the eye.That’s what I hoped that visit would lead me to.Although he said like all other worthless doctors I have visited before that I have nerve damage and instead of sending me to X-ray,he said that I should get a referral to Gothenburg to a specialist who is focused on nerve damage.He will measure the extent of damage to my nerves with electrical current voltage at low power.So why the hell would he measure damage to my nerves when I have said and described to him already in words that my nerves are damaged.It’s almost as if he wants to make sure I get hurt again and it’s not enough that I was hurt already.In reality if I had walked on it he would damage my nerves and body again with electric current.Even the device I have damaged myself with,which Sinful mass murderer has sold to me,sends electrical impulses at low current strength.Also they claim it is completely harmless.He had destroyed me and put me in the grave even more if I had listened to him and that is what proves that it is the state that intends to harm people all the way to death.Calling it harm is a completely wrong word, this is murder a pure execution.The intention is that we are going to be murdered because it is the Swedish state’s true face in reality that I have told from the beginning already.They use their power position as authority where we look at those with confidence while giving us a misleading subconscious suggestion word where we should make the decision on false claims and go right into a deadly trap and then it is not the state,companies that manufacture the electrical appliances, media,people of authoritarian position with influence in one way or another and all others who is responsible that we have been injured after we had a choice and it is we who have made the decision ourselves to undergo the harmful examination.That is our own fault.If it is proven that they are harming their citizens then power says upssssss.Does it hurt people ?. We did not know this so now we can remove it when they have been revealed and when the population starts to complain and protest against them.It proves that all the different,to begin with Sinful appliance,the hospital measurement of damaged nerves with power and all hundreds of different segments in society is in fact a state way of sweeping crowds into drug companies where they in turn with the medicines destroy people even more in this way and now even an idiot would understand that everything is interconnected.As I said,it is power along with the companies that eliminate the population that is chosen to be thrown away from society and the living world.It is the power of the hierarchy elite that kills us and our children in silence as they create rebellions about criminal gangs and sexual harassment where we are all shamed into shame and the same shame they use to scare us into silence and submission to those up there,the rich power of the hierarchy elite.Therefore,I say it again,I think and say now that we should shit in their honest values and their insanity of greatness.I will die in a very short time therefore I say what I think honestly.I have nothing more to lose.I have lost everything including my life and my family.


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