Chapter 1-Story of my life from Bosnia war until now 2019


Hi, I want my voice to be heard before I die because of the life I live in suffering,hell and all the misery that has happened to me here in Sweden.My life has absolutely no meaning anymore, it’s just pure raw suffering in broken body.I come from Bosnia and my childhood is overflowing with traumatized events that have broken me down all my life.The worst thing of all is guilt, the crime that I have committed.I have been mentally distressed by anxiety because of that crime and all the other negative things that have happened to me during my whole life.I was the ultimate black sheep.There was war and I went through collective hell with everyone else where I got a damage to the left leg just above the knee on the outer thighs.Injury was limited and not so dangerous then.It was not my fault.I sleep too deeply and woke up from pain only when it was too late.I thought it couldn’t get any worse than this.And then I came to Sweden.I was grateful for everything I received from Sweden.I was grateful that I had a two room apartment and kitchen that I have even now and that I have a job that gives me wealth where I can buy food and clothes, dream life in this western democracy.I was grateful to Sweden that I get to live in freedom where I am treated as a human being who has human rights like everyone else, where I am not judged by my name.Everything I own is old and I have never received anything from anyone,I have been poor all my life. But it’s perfectly ok just as long as I’m healthy and I’m happy.I have never wanted to have the property of others.I know that what I deserve through work is something no one can take away from me.I work like any other person to support me. What I can say about myself is that I love life and want to live happily, have a family,have a normal life like all normal people.I am neither beautiful, good looking or smart, I am full of weaknesses but it is life that has made me so.To Sweden I have come fully healthy in my psyche body and soul.Ok,I have suffered a minor injury to my left leg but I had no mental problems.I was communicative and I had no problems with social interaction with other people.I did not know what is and I never understood how can anyone be mentally ill,to have social phobia among others.I didn’t understand any of this before coming to Sweden.I’m not looking for someone to like or hate me and I don’t care what others think of me.I just want the truth to come out about the crime that I was exposed to.Time passed and unfortunately for me,it happened a bit and horribly awful in my life that I had no control over.I felt that my crimes committed in my life would come out sooner or later and that the best part for me is that I serve my punishment so that this stone falls from my heart.I started to feel mentally ill and I didn’t know what was happening to me.I felt my dreams have become strangely depressing,I never ever dreamed a single normal dream it felt like I didn’t even have a soul.I fall asleep and wake up as if I were a vegetable.I have been thinking in my home country all my life in Bosnia I have dreamed dreams but when I came to Sweden I have stopped dreaming and the little I dream only provokes discomfort and nightmares.It snuck up fragments of words of strange voices sneaked into my dreams with a few spoken words,over a long period of time.But I thought it was my imagination.It felt like I had no control what I was thinking about.I want to shake off the bad thoughts and think of something positive so that I can be normal like everyone else but I couldn’t.It was like my thoughts were deciding for me what to think about and implementing more stuff that I should ponder. I ended up in bad habits and as I was getting worse,I ended up in alcohol abuse.I was afraid of the Police and felt that the day when I was going to lose my freedom was getting closer and closer to me.All this badness made me feel isolated.I felt useless and that nobody wants to be with me so I took what is available to all of us and ended up in pornography abuse.Alcohol abuse and everything that went on around me led to an accident where I was seriously injured but very limited.It was terrible.I thought, could it be worse than this? That it went to hell for me was due to the Police sneaking into my dreams,now I see in retrospect.They used my weaknesses, shame and guilt towards me and reinforced them with their words so that I felt mentally ill more and more.Had they come and confronted me personally then I would not have been able to look the police in the eyes while lying to them, because I had the fear of state authority.I had a great respect for the state because throughout my life,media has convinced me that I should believe that the state is dignified and fair.So if they are looking for me and the fact that I am aware that I have been wrong then I did not think that I should start to question the state in any way.I had a divine image of the state,especially about the Swedish Western democracy that talks constantly that it stands for human rights and all equal value.I have never lied in my life as it made me mentally tired to constantly think about what I have said.Besides,I would have been beaten if I had lied and to avoid all this I always talked the truth through my life and then I always felt good mentally.We have been told in the refugee reception center when we came to this country that it is normal to go to a psychologist and that we should follow their advice so that we can process our traumatic memories of war.As we come from war so I listened to their advice and began to visit a psychologist.I followed this advice in the hope that I should feel better.I blamed everything on the memory of war instead of crimes that I have committed.Psychiatric care provided me with medication for anxiety and that was the beginning of my medication for mental illness.I tested Risperdal and keep on suffocating. Ended with this started with Zyprexa and gained weight from 70 kg to 105 in less than a year.I was constantly hungry,tired and sleepy most of the day.I was stunned I couldn’t wake up even though I knew I was asleep.A few times it happened that I woke up and my body was still sleeping where I couldn’t move for 2 or 3 seconds and I got a shock with quick breathing when I woke up completely and when I regained control of my body.When you take that medicine,someone can come into the apartment and pick all the valuable things without waking up.You gain weight in such a way that you get an inhuman hunger and craving for sweet and greasy junk food and you just eat and eat and never stop.And there my rumor of being narrow and well-trained,of having a good-looking body was pulled away from me.You also become a little numb with this medicine.One’s psyche is stunned for a long time and one loses the ability to feel love,one becomes dumbfounded if something horrible happens then one becomes indifferent to some extent.You lose focus where you are not really aware that you are in danger for example. Negative side effects were catastrophic and after years I got Seroquel,the same thing there but a little more gentle.Zyprexa and Seroquel are sleep medications and nothing else in my experience.About mental illness everything is ok and you are normal as long as there are not really serious problems in a person’s life.Then you start to think too much and then you can not sleep.If you do not sleep then the brain becomes overburdened and thoughts go faster and faster and you get sick with mental illness. You collapse slowly if you do not confront your mistakes and fix problems.The time you live under such conditions is the most dangerous thing a person can be exposed to.Guilt feelings cause anxiety which in turn erases the characteristics of one’s personality and if one tries to cushion pain with alcohol and then one is ashamed in front of other people.Then you have been given more reasons to feel bad and it is strengthened and gets even worse.If you are depressed and complain about bad weather then it can help with cognitive therapy but if you have the police and their committed crimes mistakes in life as in my case and that bothers one then nothing on this planet can help and stop the thoughts that goes into spin.Then it is precisely in the first place that I recommend is Seroquel and if it can not get one to sleep then it is good with Zyprexa.Man will never be cured of the medication.They are necessary when you have become ill in order to sleep otherwise it is just rubbish.When you have become ill then you just have to take them or go crazy.I do not say that you should exclude them when you are in such a condition. However,cognitive therapy is better than taking medication then it means to me if I had gone directly to the police and if I had acknowledged everything when I came to Sweden then I had never been mentally ill and then my life had been saved.Anyway,I stay for 11 years until I once went to a hospital in Trollhättan where they have closed psychiatric care.I was terribly scared and felt under some kind of psychological pressure so I went there to talk to a psychologist as I was feeling bad.It was night and it was only those who had the open.I was going to admit all the crimes to them, since it was easier for me to say that to them than to the police.I had no choice anymore and just want it to come out in some way so it will be out of the world once and for all.I was scared of authority and the garbage of appreciation I have taken from my home country and it will turn out that fear will cost me dearly,my life.I did not know what is the difference between open and closed psychiatric care and what it means to have something to do with psychiatric care in reality.I assumed that they are something good and honest that helps people who are feeling bad.I went there took and drank a whole bottle of red wine in front of hospital on car parking.I did it just to be able to tell them about the crime I committed in my teenage age.Then I went to the closed psychiatric care department which was on floor 6 what I remember now.They gave me a paper that I will sign with my signature where I admit that I accept their laws and regulations and I signed with my signature,without thinking about the significance of this signature.I talked to a younger woman and there was at least one other employee of those who sat with us to listen to me.I was,after all, alcohol intoxicated so it played a certain role in all this event.I couldn’t say and utter a single word about that crime.Instead,I talked about other serious stuff, the damage, among other things,but not about crime.Most of our conversation has gone away because I cried because I felt so mentally ill with worry anxiety and depression.I was too drunk and they told me that I was feeling too bad and that I should get a rum alone where I can sleep overnight.I was completely drunk.I was given two tablets what I remember,by a male nurse who showed me this rum.After a while he was on his way out and I asked him to stay for a while because I talked about my difficult experiences from my life.I cried while talking and then I fell asleep.The next day I woke up and it cleared my head from alcohol intoxication.I went to them and said I want to go home I don’t want to talk anymore because I realized that the cognitive therapy I received earlier that night did not help me in any way.They said you can go home so I went to the door that was locked. I said can you open that door ?. They said no,first you have to talk to a doctor and if he lets you out,only then can you go home.You may stay here for a month or two to evaluate your mental state to see if you are a danger to yourself or others.You can sit down and wait until the Doctor arrives.I went to the other side of the corridor where there was a sofa or chair.There I sat down and then I realized what place I was at.They talked there with each other.My heart pounded too full.P panic erupted in me and fear.I calmly told me no quick movements then they will think I am crazy and then they will never let me out.Let pretend that you are unaffected pretend to be normal if you want to get out of here.Then they came to the end and said Doctor is here.I went into his room where Doctor sat on the left side, in the middle sat a nurse and on the right side a younger male nurse and there I sat among them. I was terribly scared.They said you have said all this can you explain? I said that I was feeling bad and that I have drank a bottle of red wine before entering their department.but now I feel better and I want to go home.I have booked a time for visiting a psychologist in Uddevalla at an outpatient psychiatric clinic on Thursday I think it was. I said it with the hope that then let me go home.I want to go home. Doctors said after we have talked a little you can go home, so there a little with an angry look.That guy went out with me to open the door for me and said take care of you now.I went home and noticed that I had stab wounds on my right arm and thought why,and in addition, a memory came from nowhere when I lay in bed the next day.Probably an imagination but I happened to say this to friends when we were having a party.I didn’t mean to say it,but it slipped out of me as that memory felt real to me, but at the same time I was feeling very bad mentally so even that I imagined everything is possible too.This event has triggered a fear that only grows which in turn has triggered ”POSTTRAUMATIC STRESS SYNDROME” for me.I had obsessive-compulsive disorder,psychosis and complete nervous breakdown because of concern and anxiety.I felt obsessive-compulsive disorder which almost forced me to go into their hands again.I do not want to go to them and I was afraid that I will be locked in forever and my obsessive-compulsive disorder forces me exactly to this,that I should go there again.I fought myself where I repeated to my family,I have to go there again and was in need of someone to calm me down and repeat it over and over again to tell me that everything is ok,that I do not have to go there again as I will feel better.So a battle was going on within myself,day after day as I felt worse and worse.I was terribly afraid of being locked in mental hospitals for the rest of my life.I felt so bad and all this because of the fear of the police authority.I have had social phobia many years before all this in Sweden.In the end, everyone distanced himself from me and I realized that the only way out for me is death, Suicide.For me,hell never ends.When I have filled in the thick patient record in psychiatric care the last incredible darkness came in my life.I have felt bad,but I have never in my life seen anything that does not exist in reality.One night when I was asleep,a male voice woke me up very loudly to such an extent that it almost woke me to awake state,but I still slept.and then he said to me ”This is the police talking to you, then he asked, have you killed anyone?”.I said,no,I haven’t and I never would,I said while I slept.You only answer questions automatically.The next day you remember everything that you have said and talked about,but you can not prevent and stop from answering questions after you are not awake and aware that it is happening right at this very moment.Another thing is that we cannot lie to them because the only thing we use of our brain when we sleep is our memories and it is about everything that we have experienced throughout our lives.So they ask us and we answer the truth to them about that event from our lives.We can’t lie to them.For us to lie,we need to use whole brain.So my life changed on a single night where I never heard voices in my life that I suddenly started hearing voices all at once over night.This is how they do it,what I have realized so far.They use some kind of technology that converts sound into log frequency so that it cannot be heard as normal sound.It is not heard in the room but you hear it only if they point it at one’s head,to say it correctly they point it at one’s ears and it is the eardrums that register it as normal sound.The sound waves go through they do it I don’t really know.But that it is going on and that it is happening to me I am 100% sure and have no doubt about it.When they talk it sounds like thoughts coming from outside.They talk to me about stuff that I know nothing about and that I haven’t thought of myself.They talk to me exactly the same way when I’m awake during the day and when I talk to another person.The difference between when I am awake and when I sleep is in the fact that they are awake and they use their whole brain while I am helpless as I sleep and there are only fragments of my brain that they activate.Usually I dream relaxed and I don’t wake up because I dream.In this way we all sleep in peace where our brain processes experiences from the previous day and we are rested the next day.Even if you are aware that the police have started talking to one and if you try not to reveal a secret then he increases the volume of the sound when he asks so that you wake up a bit and that is when you perceive proper question.That question falls into one’s memories as if it happened in reality.At such a loud volume, he asks me, have you committed that crime in your life?Then I fight for life just to be able to tell him a lie that I haven’t done. In any case,I tried to prevent them from getting the truth out of me at the beginning of the police investigation.Then I say no,I haven’t done that.Then they lower the volume and allow me to fall asleep deeper,and the possibility of lying is no longer there. His question is the last thing I remember while I sleep deeply. Then he asks me again.You didn’t tell the truth, but imagine this time you will tell the truth.If you have committed a crime.Then you tell everything. He asks and you answer him with pure truth.They already know by default the frequencies in which the human ear hears the infrared sound and how we react to the level of the sound they transmit into our eardrums.If they lower it very low then we sleep deeply and we experience their voices dreaming after which we have not been awakened.Then they will go unnoticed into our dreams.We do not remember anything that they have asked us while receiving the truth from us.They can also use voice distortion where they can use voices of people in our social circle and in this way they trick us into thinking that we have dreamed of people in our environment.We feel as if people we know ask us and we answering questions.They ask a question and I answer the question by saying it unconsciously loud which means that I talk in my sleep and they hear my answer this way.It is human weakness and we all people work this way.


All my life I have not known that this is possible and have never heard of it but now I know.The police could never be able to handle crimes that people commit in this way where they say they have been monitoring and listening to a person.Very few are so stupid that they would start talking loudly in their own homes about crimes they have committed. If you have committed a crime then you assume that you are monitored and eavesdropped.When you are exposed to this then you are so vulnerable that only parts of the brain are active.And not only this but it also affects your mental well-being condition as well.Everything they say to one, everything is put into our subconscious and that is where we think, builds our plans for our future,where we choose which path to take in our lives and in the end we go to action after that.This is exactly where they come in with their voice, corrupting and deceiving us in the direction they want.One cannot protect oneself from their words.It is extremely harmful to listen to a stranger’s word because it provokes us every day a little.In addition,it is about our dreams where we should rest and relax while disturbing our dream which prevents brain from being restored to the next day.We may be the most peaceful person on the planet but when they provoke with words that you really shouldn’t hear,every night year after year for 15 years then eventually you get cursed and angry.If you get angry then you lose control and can happen to commit error easier.In this way, the police get all your secrets revealed.They know what you like,hate what goals you have in life,what you have plans for.They know where you are injured,where are you hurt.What mistakes have you made in your life.They know what thing you will buy in a large shopping center,the next day. And they talk every night.This is the harm in this, normally we do what we do during the day then we sleep and our brain processes that information and we get rested the next day.We remain ourselves, happy, and we feel good mentally without outside influence. But in my case I am awake during the day and later at night I process info from the previous day and at the same time I get new information from them.Although what they say is not important,it is still information that bothers and harms the brain.Imagine having a stranger talking to you.If you don’t like or disagree with him then you stop having all contact with that person and then you throw that person out of your life and problems are solved.Imagine having him in your room when you sleep where he wakes you half way and asking about everything.And now you can’t throw him out of your life.You hear him but when you wake up there is no one out there and you see a society where there is human rights and freedom. We are free but as soon as I fall asleep then they are back again.What is problem is that words have meaning where one thinks and will have to think about this as they have said to one after it has been placed in one’s subconscious mind and this is what makes one unable to recover.You are about to change your personality and feel bad. They last a little while for a long time,so you end up sick.When they want,they can make a damn and if it is a man who has a short stubby especially young who has no life experience so when listening to news If a man has been attacked completely unprovoked then it may as well be because the person who has been completely unprovoked has accidentally spit on or has made insulting comments to the person who is under police investigation.This is enough to trigger conflicts and fights and then they have a reason where they can deprive a person of freedom and then they are eliminated by the state.These people sit somewhere in Sweden in security protected with anonymity and the surveillance equipment they have, they use the same way as when soldiers use drones thousands of miles away.Darkness gives no protection from them, you can’t hide anywhere. Not even a strand of hair has fallen from their heads.They can come into our homes when it suits them.The one who talks to me,I think that in addition to me,he talks to 40 other people at the same time,if not more than that and every one of the 40 has ended up in jail,mental hospital,has killed himself or whatever.That they do this to me until I have acknowledged crime I think it is fair and they have the full right to do so,but when I have acknowledged crime and they continue to do so and hurt me mentally then I think it is they who commits crimes.Of course there is no one who can reach and punish them,because it is not possible to prove that such a thing exists and goes on in reality.Their goal was not to save me but their goal was to mislead and harm me to death.The thing is that I just didn’t realize it until it was too late.They do not physically harm people,because then you can have proof of it,and it would not look good that such a picture of Sweden is spread in the world,but in this way they do,only it is not possible to prove and everything is OK.They want to do it and they fight for everything they can with lies and psychological torture. They do nothing but sitting whole nights and talk to those whom the state has chosen to crush or remove in one way or another.They have destroyed and sent people into death,prison,mental hospital in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people,all for tax money and all in the same way.And when we start to talk about this as I do now,for example,then we are mentally ill and most do not even dare say they hear voices as they do not want to be labeled as crazy.If we say something then expect psychiatric care to prepare with a question (could it be that you have imagined something that does not match reality?).So power can run pure murder torture orgies on people and remove people even those who have not even committed any crime.Night after night I told him ”I don’t want to listen to you” but he does not explain to me but just goes on and talks nice to me and comments on events that I have had during the day.But words mean actions.They use words as suggestion where they can in such a way lead one in the direction they want.They arouse fears,shame,guilt,joy and feelings of happiness for their own purpose.What they have said to one is the first thing that one remembers today,whether you want to or not,one cannot help but think about what they have said because it is added deep into one’s subconscious.After 15 years I have had enough of them.If several words make sense then they have told me that at least rarely two sentences usually three up to eight per night.So if we distribute the words then there can be four sentences every night for 15 years is 21900 sentences that they have told me so it is no wonder that I get sick and it is no imagination I am 100% sure.You get angry damn you breathe anger and hatred towards them. It is as if they are provoking me to lose control and make a mistake so that they get a proper reason to lock me in jail or mental hospital.They are doing so there and I can never recover and so it goes in evil spiral.They can speak different loudly on a scale of 0 to 10.On scale 0 they come into our dreams without even knowing that they are inside.You then dream a little strange dreams where they can use voices from the people who are part of our acquaintance circle.At level 1,you hear them.They have revealed that they want you to know that they are talking to me.That is their goal and you remember what they have said to one,but they do not even disturb sleep.At 5 they increase in volume when they talk and they wake up one more so you have to start taking medication because you start to feel ill mentally.At 10 they raise even more,then they wake up almost completely but you still sleep and then they even disturb your sleep very much.You remember it in the same way as if you had been awake because you are almost awake and it takes a lot of blows to the brain,you are cursed,exhausted and tired.You experience it as a disaster and then even medications no longer help.You have a choice to commit suicide,stop in a mental hospital or go and admit crime.They said to me ”You will shake grilles to admit your crime”.They hole this way for a while.For a long time they have spoken to me in a terrible way.They yelled at me and suddenly one night they started talking to me kindly and the first night when they started talking to me kindly I said,can you talk to me like that all the time?.They said no, we will do that only after you acknowledge the crime.They started talking finer, they told me that horrible stuff is going on around me.They said to me ”Vahid you are a victim,free yourself from your family they suck life out of you.We will make you whole again !!.We will make a man of you again !! .We’ll give you your life back ”!!. When they talked to me on a scale of 10 loud,I was almost awake but still not and I remember this so strongly, you feel so bad from exhaustion.They talked nasty and demeaning to me and after just one night on scale 10 I said ”just stop, I’ll admit crime, just stop” and then it calmed down a bit.They always said several different alternatives to me about a sentence for example ”They told me,they have done this to you, then the next day there at night,they have not done this to you ”and so they repeat 70 or 80 times both alternatives about everything to me over a long time.I had to choose what to believe in the end so choices were always mine,but they have influenced me greatly. It’s not that they decide who I am.Who I am and what I believe in and like so,I decide.I don’t blame everything on them.They talk about stuff that you would never think of.They never told me to go and hurt anyone.If they had done this then it would have saved my life.I would never believe in them ever again.I would choose another path in my life immediately.They do not control one but they use reward and punishment.They say something to one if you go on this,you do as they please.They comment everything you believe in even what you have for sexual orientation.If they comment on something that I do not want to talk about then it is to me like they are questioning everything to me.All the advertising and propaganda about all people equal value,equality,humanity humanism and human rights all this feels like it applies doesn’t exist for me.They want you to not even have an opinion about something.They want to show to one that they decide on one even in one’s dream, personality in one’s soul.They want to show that I am not free.They simply break me down. In this way,they can slaughter one’s psyche in small constituents, they can get a person to commit suicide,get one to do anything indirectly,all with word suggestion.Change in every possible way without having even met one in reality.As soon as you start dreaming they come in and direct dream in a different way.For example if you start dreaming a nice dream about a person and then you hear him say no,he don’t like you.He wants to do this to you, you just think so.They describe, for example,an event when you have started dreaming where you are at this place inside the dream and then he says how the person you have liked starts chasing one with knives instead and then you flee around and are afraid until you wake up.You have had a real nightmare then and when you wake up you remember this nightmare that is followed by anxiety.In this way you start to doubt and they break relationships and ties for one to other people or even your family.In the end,the only memories you remember the next day are they. In this way,they fill my everyday life night after night year after year every night.In addition to this,they sabotaged my Computer,TV,internet,Windows,changed passwords on hotmail back and forth so that I realized that there is no imagination but real people monitoring me.I did not manage this hell,tried to kill myself several times not really but want to do this to get them to stop with what they are doing.I bought a rope and told those I will commit suicide.They told me, commit suicide we will not save you.Go to the police station and admit all crimes and then we will stop.They drove me to madness.I was going to hang myself to death, but I couldn’t do it.They mentally pushed me to the breaking point while at the same time they encouraged me not to commit suicide.They encouraged me to go to the police station and admit crime as that is the only right thing I can do.I couldn’t admit crime and I didn’t really want to admit.Then I came to the realization where I saw a single path out of mental suffering and that is to commit suicide, but I could not hang myself in a rope.One time I tied a soft fabric rope, around the neck and the other end I tied in a hanging storage room where I stand upright.I couldn’t commit suicide but I want to do it and it was on test only.Then when I suddenly tensed in a rope for a second,I lost all power in my body.At the same time,I almost lost consciousness.The last atom of force in my body I used to get up and release that rope.I realized that I could not commit suicide in this way.Because of their police torture,I had had sleeping tablets Propavan,printed to me on prescription a long time ago and I had them left.I told them,I can not hang myself but after I have become ill even in OCD disorder because of the police then I have OCD disorder that automatically drives me to commit it that I’m afraid of and that I don’t really want to do.I took a lot of tablets out of that package and I put them on a pile with a glass of water beside my bed on the bedside table.I said,I can’t commit suicide either by hanging or commit suicide in overdose with sleeping pills.But, because when I have fallen asleep, I am aware that I have a lethal dose of Propavan beside me on the left side of the bed and because of OCD I will take the tablets unconsciously in the same way that I unknowingly reveal to them,the crime that I have committed,completely against my will.I did so for a few nights, but at the same time I was afraid that I could take them while I sleep,because it was very possible in such a condition where it can happen that I do it in real life.They said, nothing is worth committing suicide for.Take the tablets away from it,and in the end I came to the realization that it is not a good idea.But even there I was in great danger to my life.I do not feel sorry for myself but I would like to point out that the police drove me to suicide and they had reason for this which I admit they have full right to do so against me,so far.At this time when they have said that terrible things are going on around me then I came up with the idea to buy such amateur surveillance equipment to prove to myself if it’s true as they say,so I did.I took credit from the bank and bought it all with the money and got the things sent to me after a while.Everything worked but the camera that was new was broken.How I even tried so it was dead, though everything was brand new.So I couldn’t get that proof.I didn’t have the money anymore to buy new ones and there was not such a huge range of such stuff 15 years ago.In the end I threw everything in the garbage.Then I told myself it was enough,I could not listen to them anymore while they wiped and erased me mentally and also throughout my life I have wanted this to happen.I will admit everything to the Police.They will judge me and I will serve my sentence.But then I will be free like all other people but before I do that I had a plan to go on holiday to Bosnia.They told me,do not go there, you will be killed there.No,I said, I’m going to go because I didn’t believe in them so I went there anyway.It didn’t happen that much in addition to a nice event. I went for a walk,outing in nature with friends, on the highest mountain in My hometown.Then after a while there came three people a man who had an ax in his hand and two girls.What a coincidence I thought. I talked to one of them for a while and she was really beautiful.I really liked her.I almost fall in love with her right away.So I talked to her for a while and the next day I met her again in a bathing place.Here and there we talked small and that was all that happened.The same night when I was sleeping he started to tell me also there in Bosnia,Vahid take your child and flee to Sweden again,you will not live longer.I was exhausted from listening to him. I was distraught and I was sweating by the torture with his words that disturbed my dream and made me tired of physical collapse,so I said ”I’m not feeling well because of you,why are you talking to me, why aren’t you ending”?. He said ”as soon as you wake up pack your stuff and say you want to go to Sweden again. You will not live long”.That night I slept for about four hours.So I listened to him and the next day I said I want to go to Sweden and in some way I was on the way back terrified.I would never have done, not even in my wildest imagination on my own will if it wasn’t for them talking to me.In the end, I came back tired to death in Sweden.The first day I rested then the second day I thought it is time to go and say everything to the police.I expect that I will be sentenced to prison and I have reconciled with it thought.But the most important thing for me was that after this prison sentence, I will be free forever.No one will ever have anything more that can be used against me as a blackmail shadow that hangs over me all the time.I went to the Police and I followed them to the second floor where I got to talk to a female police officer and on the left side has been sitting a male police officer who holes in some work.I could barely say a word, but in the end I got it out of my I acknowledged.I had no choice.I said the worst and they told me, do you go to a psychologist? I said I do this so they said go and talk about the other crime with them. We’ve got what we want to hear from you. You shouldn’t be judged.After two days I was pissed because they kept talking to me at night and besides,I couldn’t believe my eyes that it was true so I thought it couldn’t be true.I did not believe my eyes and that is true that I am free so I went there again and talked to a police officer where I told him I want to be sentenced say it to court.He told me you are free.It is prescribed.They had all the time to report this and they have not done so.If they do this we will contact you.In addition, he checks his arm clock as if he does not have time to talk to me and that I should go.And no,there is nothing that I have not said I have just said everything so if anyone thinks there must be something more then there is not.I told him as we were heading out into the corridor ”I have acknowledged the crime now and I do not intend to repeat this again in the future when it suits them”.I said the other stuff to a psychologist and there was one last thing and then he said at night you didn’t say that go and say it too.And when I told about the last crime,that stone fell from my heart.I was overjoyed,I laughed out of luck when I left.I am free now.I immediately felt at once an exhilaration that is so gigantic and overwhelmingly filled with pure happiness.The guilt and anxiety that has wiped out my psyche and which has got me sick in social phobia, depression, psychosis, obsessive-compulsive disorder,suicidal thoughts and more,disappeared at once.Throughout my life I have been mentally ill where my psyche has been crushed into small constituents which in turn have caused my life to fall apart and collapse into waste.The anxiety and the excitement that I feel in my chest that has been feeding me from the inside all my life,disappeared that day and that moment outside that door,as if it had never been I am free and I was free at least from guilt. The depression disappeared all at once.I was cured of the Depression and the whole range of supply of various mental illness symptoms.I finally feel mentally normal and healthy.What was left was social phobia,which is the product of all the stress due to a traumatizing event that I have experienced throughout my life.Social phobia I can’t really shake myself off.There was nothing more I could do.That’s it,now everything worked perfectly at home computer tv internet.Everything was in perfect order.But they keep talking to me.At this point,I no longer thought about the girl I happened to meet on that mountain.It was a pure coincidence for people walking there constantly.When we met,we said each other’s names but I did not register her name as I became a bit enchanted and mentally beaten because I experienced her so beautifully that I did not even remember her name.I wish her luck,but I am not a man enough to have the happiness of having someone like her in my life.That’s why it’s out of my life and that’s why I didn’t think about her anymore.And they said when I was sleeping,someone wants to talk to you.That’s the girl you met,do you want to talk to her ?.I said I would. Then I hear her say,hey,she said some sentences.and I said AAAAAAAA what a beautiful voice.She introduced herself as the girl I happened to meet and that she is a special person that I have already liked and that she is very rich too.So I thought on one side I have my life where I find myself in danger according to them and on the other side I have someone I like and who is also rich, who wants to have a relationship with me.In any case, they got me to believe it. They have promised me a life of success where I will live in prosperity under a condition that I stay away from everyone.I just need to keep living as usual and wait for the court they said I can’t avoid.She said we can be together after the police investigation is complete.Okay I said because I have no control over me when I sleep, I’m afraid I can say something bad to you so I don’t want to ruin the relationship we have now together.I want to meet you like all normal people when I’m awake. She said ok it might take a few years said Police colleagues sitting next to me.Of course I said that I am aware of,Bye see you.All this happened 15 years ago. These police investigators said to me it should be court but not when you want to, but when we are done with the whole police investigation.You can’t avoid this even if you want to.In the beginning I was reasonably normal.I pulled out of alcohol and cigarette addiction,right when I released myself from that debt.I continued to take Seroquel in the hope that my social phobia would disappear and that I should become normal as before I came to Sweden.I took them for a number of years and realized that they do not help me in any way with social phobia.The medication no matter which I took, not a single one has helped me with anything at all. I was cured of mental illness when I was released from guilt and it’s the only,cognitive therapy that works best of all.


Fix problems and you are automatically healthy.Due to constant tiredness,overweight and pointless to continue taking Seroquel,I decided to stop taking it after it slowly took my life off me by overweight so I stepped down with it and quit completely.It was the best thing I’ve done in my life.I trained very much after that I did not get tired because of medicine.Without the poison from psychiatric care I lost weight and felt much better.The life came back in me.So now I live without depression and without medication, it was perfect.I had no more reason to feel bad.Going to a psychologist again and having something to do with them was completely out of the question for me, since I had nothing more to say and nothing that tormented my soul.For me,the police and psychiatric care are the state.They have chased me, crushed me and infinitely more destroyed me mentally to admit my crime.I have done what I have acknowledged because they have fulfilled the purpose for me as they should.Actually,psychiatric care and their cognitive therapy have not helped me feel better in any way.I don’t think they help anyone at all.It’s all about releasing feelings of guilt and worry and then you get cured.I feel much better at home than having to deal with them ever more in my life.Strength has come back into my body.Without medication,I was not sleepy and tired for days anymore.But I lived in solitude there because of circumstances I couldn’t even own a car.Someone had put a big bolt under my front left car tire right after I started doing what they wanted.I was scared that I could get something much more dangerous under my car so I sold it and now I had just Bus options.It was perfectly ok for me to go by bus.It has rained like one heavy rain from those who talk to me,with ”warnings”.They warned me of dangers that I should keep away from,so I don’t happen to have an accident.They pretended to me as if they had been kind to me, protecting my life.That I should believe in them and continue to follow their advice.Throughout my life I have seen reality in black and white, evil and goodness so far anyway.I had confidence in the police from the beginning,so I thought that they were fair and honest where they followed strict justice.That’s why I went for the cheat blow.Years passed for me,one by one.At New Year’s celebrations,I was usually alone.Some years I went out to see the fireworks and some years at the New Year I lay depressed in bed at 23:00 and then I listened to the fireworks banging down completely in solitude in hopes that I will one day in the future meet the woman I love and that I should have a better life.While they continued talking to me night after night commenting on events I have had during the day.I personally am not a traitor,I have never betrayed anyone and will never do it.These are the ones that have made me doubt.I felt that I was in danger and then comes the instinct where you try to protect and save your life.They have cut contact with my family,my friends and automatically to my country because I have no one to go to there.They have changed the image of me for people in my home country.It may be that there are always people who want to escape me alive but I am still the person I have always been and I love my country Bosnia.So now I was in a situation where every time when I want to reconcile with my family then they say to me,”you will be killed if you go to your family”.I can not go to them, do not believe in anyone.They said continue to live as usual and wait.While people lived their lives in social contexts,I lived in the middle of loneliness and I keep quiet,they said the woman is waiting for you therefore have I waited.It is like this,I am neither smart nor any Angel,but I have never committed a criminal offense in Sweden and I came to Sweden in 1993 year.I’ve never stolen anything, not even a plastic bag in the store.I have never looked at anyone wrongly,have never said anything demeaning to another person.To me,all people are equally worthy of whatever Religion or political opinion and so on.I do not come from the criminal world and I also do not come from the alleged honest police world.I have empathy for other people and I would never hurt anyone else but therefore I value my own life very highly.No matter what happens, it just doesn’t hurt me and everything is ok.I loved this country,believed in the Swedish state,liked the Swedish people.I saw Sweden as the greatest democracy on the planet.I was grateful to be able to come here.It is the state they are doing right,who should you believe if you do not believe in the Police,it is the Swedish state.They have provided and filled me with nice words, they raised and built on my self-confidence.They pretended to be very friendly just because I have hope in life and believe in them and that I should continue to follow them.Time passed and I did as they said. I lived my life as usual,I kept quiet.They tricked me into hoping for that woman and I hoped and hoped and continued to hope.Years went by and they said we need more time 1 year,2 years 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13 !! . There was a possibility of a new relationship or at least sex with a female being,but they told me,drop this there is a woman waiting for you.There was one thing I did not know about what it means to live in solitude,but on the other hand,they knew it very well.It’s almost like torture.You fall apart without social contact.It’s like you stop being a human.It was always the same year after year.They made me believe that I saw them as a support.They said we are not your friends we are the police and I was aware of that,but still I saw them a bit like my family.Every time when I want to go to friends or family then they started to warn me.They warn me of something with words when I sleep and then the next day if I’m about to make an unconscious mistake or put myself in danger then they block internet connection to TV and computer.Then when I back from committing the wrong thing, everything works perfectly again.They have taught me how to recognize true warning in danger.Of course,there can be real errors in internet traffic,but for me it was always so. When I do as they want then everything works fine.So they warned me about stuff that wasn’t even an immediate danger. Hundreds of times I’ve wanted to go back to my family and then they say ”they’ll kill you if you go to them”.They have also provoked me at least 500 times for about 15 years, a provocation for a day.Then I never understood why they do it. Usually I go to training because I like it but it works well when they have provoked me too.Running helps me get the anger they have caused, it helps me every time so active is physical activity. Running or walking longer distances 8 km per day for 5 days has infinitely better effects than the antidepressant drugs you get from Psychiatric Care.You do not get poisoned, you just feel better and better every day it goes.It is a sure and guaranteed proven way from my experience to get out of the deadly depression, though under the condition that you fix the problem that eats from the inside.Then you have to stop taking alcohol and drugs if you now abuse it.If you do so then you will get healthy and you will feel good again.Then you delete the calendar every day that has gone without alcohol cigarettes and you see every day as a victory where you have succeeded in living without the dependence on this poison for another day, until you finally notice that desire or addiction to it has disappeared completely.When they want to get me in better humor then they say encouraging words to me where they almost make me cry,so good they are at it. I never allowed my anger to go over to another man who has done nothing to me.In the end, 11 years have passed and I was damn tired and bored so I told them that they and that woman should go to hell.I eventually became a nervous wreck who has lost human qualities and they said there is no woman waiting for you,so I make an effort to see if it is true.I researched and searched and realized it was true.The woman I have been waiting for was not real.First, tears were about to emerge and after 5 seconds came laughter instead when I thought of all the years in solitude and what all the terrible things have happened to me in my life.So now I had nothing to hope for anymore,but to live in solitude for so long has an expensive price. It has made me simply broke down in my social ability to relate to meeting a woman at all,Social Phobia.Even the contact to everyone I have and know has in some strange way died thanks to police votes and that I have lived my life in solitude for so many years.I became more isolated and now I am almost programmed to be alone.Getting in touch with someone feels almost impossible to me as if something has died in me.I just fall apart.The only place I could see naked women’s body was the internet.There was everything possible to see.They have witnessed and commented on everything with me.All this made me go to hell so I became desperate.Solitude was the only thing I knew.But they came in every night.I have said to them a dozen times times for 15 years,I do not want to listen to you, you do not want to judge me what the hell you want from me.They said ”you would be crazy if we stop now.We are here to help you you would not do without us.We do all that and talk to you for your sake. ”So, I have lived bored, tired of them and exhausted.The only thing in my life was the police and the police investigation.For two more years and it became 13 years of my life with a police voice.All my attention and focus was knocked out and gone.I became desperate,instead of having a woman so now because of the long life in celibacy I did not dare to get social contact with a new woman because of my social phobia which has become infinitely many times worse now.So I replaced it with pornography abuse instead.And the garbage I was looking at has poisoned my mind and changed me and shaped me according to what I was looking at.I looked at what will be my death’s coffin.I thought Sweden is a modern country I see and nothing is foreign here.After living as a single for 13 years maybe I could test sex toys instead.This is I really not proud of.So I did what I bought and threw the next day.None of this was dangerous,and I have not tested whole sex toy shop there were a few.After 13 years in solitude finally came disaster. Long ago,10 years ago it may be,I happened to see such so-called electro stimulation (estim) six toys,but i was not desperate on any set and used my common sense and thought this can be dangerous it says it is the latest,the groundbreaking, the new and i dont really know how long back in time it has been so i bought it Not then.But now I was bored so I thought, this is still there and if they sell it even now,then it is certainly not dangerous.The state would not allow selling stuff that can harm the population.It is the state they have institutions that control alt.These people sell the products.They pay taxes to the state and then the state has a responsibility and in addition they have the electrical safety authority.Had it been dangerous then they would have taken it away a long time ago I thought. I thought as they at show their face then they probably have nothing to hide.If they advertise a product then they advertise every one of their offerings.But for safety’s sake,I should check so I googled if it could be dangerous.I tested every possible word on Google and each time I got advertising how good it is. I flipped page after page but there was no warning. If I have to say if I have been warned by those who talk to me then I can say that every year they have spoken to me they have made an effort but now is the first and only time they have not done this.They said so with a calm and quiet voice at very low volume ”Don’t buy this you will hurt yourself.”I thought that in the worst case I can get hurt but not that the body will be damaged. If it was dangerous then it would be talked about in media tv,newspapers internet I thought.Then they could talk to me for 1 year, I would never take seriously in this warning.When I would buy it,it was ,You are welcome!buy it ”.If they had done what they used to do with the slightest hint, for example, it had counted with a loud voice, interrupted internet connection then I would understand that this is something deadly and I would back off.So I googled and came to They use advertising in such a way that they sell one on low current voltage that uses 3 aaa batteries that cost SEK 239 and they sell another that runs at 9 volts for over SEK 1000.There was no warning except that it can give strong electrical impulses, which is no warning at all.This means that it can give a strong impetus but not to harm the body in any way.For that information, exists nowhere on this planet.When choosing between the two, I chose to buy Nexus istim electro -Stim 9 volts.I did not choose it because of 9 volts for me it was just a small battery,where I have no idea what it means 9 volt.There was no thought in my head that it could be dangerous.I chose it because it is much more expensive.I thought what is more expensive is better too.Battery 9 volts and such where Mystim Rodeo Robin cursed string.I paid immediately but then I regretted after a minute so I want to cancel the purchase and buy the smaller ”Zeus Palm powerbox electro….” 2xaaa batteries so I can test it instead if it can be actually dangerous.I emailed directly to those after 1 minute,but I got no answer.After 5 minutes I received an email from Sinful saying it, we have received payment and package is sent to you.So they did not even reply to my email.I thought it didn’t matter,Ok I thought, I can probably test it now that I’ve got it and then I’ll throw it in the waste,garbage the next day.So it came home to me after a while and I tested it for about 15 or 20 minutes and realized it was a pure blowing fraud.It didn’t hurt in any way.I literally felt nothing about the sexual path and I felt a little numbness and then I stopped immediately and hit it in the floor.It did not break even if I hit for everything I can handle.In their advertising it says that it is made of high quality material which is an advertisement that should increase the will of people to buy it.It is made in high quality after it did not break so animals in Sinful are right about this.Then I threw it away and realized that I had gone on a deadly criminal fraud.That thing has nothing to do with sex and has no place for sale to people and the human body.Had I bought it smaller with 2xaaa batteries then permanent damage would still occur but I would be injured much less.Even there if I was to hollow in 60 minutes even in this case I would get the damage I have received with this in 15 min.I sat down when and thought.I can imagine what a joy it is now among those who talk to me.We got him in the trap after 13 years in the end we got him but I am convinced that they were holes from the first day when I came to Sweden.When they talked that night they pretended to be untouched, they told me ”we will take them”.They told me you have gone on this continue to live as usual ”.I was devastated,I didn’t even know that nerves can die at all at once and that it was even possible.It doesn’t matter where you put it on the body.the body’s internal organs are damaged just as well and it doesn’t even hurt when you test it.You can take the whole body from a person with the electro stimulation,crime products.Injuries go right through the body in depth and I got external and internal damage it was terrible transformation from having a healthy fully functioning body and then experience that I lost it on a quarter and that thing is legal is inconceivable to me I was completely amazed.Now I think all of it on pretending the help of those in all these years was to get all my attention and focus eliminated where they put everything at one time when I should buy this so I buy what is the worst possible.I had none clue what is 9 volt battery. And before i bought this i have been wondering.I thought every time someone helps one and who is a stranger then there is always a back thought.I thought they might build a trap for me but what can it be so I thought and thought and did not come to anyone.So I came to the conclusion that everything is peace and joy.They told me ”Vahid you think the police build trap to people we do not.We just investigate crime”.Now it’s so obvious to me, ”The mighty timeless trap that was meant for me has been waiting for me and reached me in the end.” After a few days I was devastated damn angry so I thought I should report this.To whom did I end up at the Consumer Agency.In my desperation I couldn’t just go over this as if it is no big deal because it is a disaster.I described it and was hair straw close to stating my name in that notification but I still decided that I should be anonymous.So to my surprise they laid this out in newspapers,they said that they have forwarded it to the electrical safety authority which in turn has not stopped the sale of all such products.It never struck me that they should do it.After that,I have seen that they at Sinful have removed it from sale but have continued to sell the other similar products which have only a different color as if there had been something wrong with the one I have received and not on the others.I have seen that they have removed it from sale, then they have started selling it again,then they have taken it away again and now when they see that I have notified them they will sell it again,probably.Anyway ,days went one by one,then months went by and then after 6 months it began to appear visible to the eye burns.At first I wasn’t sure but the more days went by it became more and more visible and eventually they became fully visible.I should have looked at Wikipedia instead of Google.If you are looking for the truth then you should go to Wikipedia and if you want to find your death then you can Google it.I had no idea what Google is for.Anyway,I thought I might not get any pain because I didn’t have them from the beginning.But after about 1 year, the pain of hell came.I thought I had seen the worst it was just the beginning. So usually I went around in the city by bus but now it was over.Now it was walking that applies to me and walking is a must,because it is the only thing to relieve pain for me and usually I who had never even liked to walk.Not enough of it as a hobby I used to play guitar. can not play well but I had a dream to learn myself in the end and I practiced for hours, sometimes all days.Now that I was in pain this dream died completely and the hole for me.Since then I have never taken it in my hands and will never do it as long as I live.Now I was doomed to walk myself to death because that is what it means be damaged by electric current of 9 volts battery.I can not feel joy anymore.Every day I live,I live in ”Agoni”.The pain came and I got an inhuman restlessness as if I had drunk 5 liters of strong coffee.The pain is unbearable and it never disappears instead it becomes altogether stronger and more unmanageable.From the first day I have walked from 8 km to 20 km per day each Coming home close for a while sleeps in constant pain for a few hours and then tired I go at 02:00 at night and walk again at least 8 km in the middle of the night on boardwalk.I usually sit down and look at the sea,and in my dread crying there because this is a disaster for me and the end of my life.The restlessness can be compared to when you are attacked by a large dog running towards one and where there is a gate that stops the dog from biting one for example and so there you lose all strength in the body and then you shake hands and feel being weak and having a discomfort that is terrible and constantly stuck in my case so i’m not red.Of dog attack you get in this state for a few minutes and all people can imagine this but for me,I find myself in this state around the clock where it never ends up hurting and having the horrible discomfort pain anxiety and depression.Not even for a second releases it and problems arise where people cannot imagine that such a thing is possible.The fantasy that talk about burning in hell when you die.They have drawn it into Earth in real life and have made this imagination possible and real so that we can burn and go against rotten living.This fantasy may have arisen from the electrical damage from the beginning. The electric device ”e-stim” is a simple direct ticket to Hell.There is no turning back to ordinary human life once you have got that thing in itself once.One’s body dies while still alive. It is no accident that it is for sale.There is nothing you can hope for for years that they claim in their death advertisements.It is inauguration laid out as a trap that looks like it has something to do with sex but “Purpose” is that you should go into this trap and you only need to test it once and then you are directly dying.You are pharmaceutical company slave and you are eliminated from Humanity.Being damaged by electric current means exactly and is Madness.Even a normal person who has never had mental health problems could have fallen into this trap.If the normal human had gone into this trap then after two years it is mentally ill.Thought pathways are disturbed,not because you get depressed but because nerves are injured.What is a wound that never heals, it is cancer where the body dies. here is exactly the same thing you lose body.It falls apart,dies and it only gets worse and never better. If I had cancer now then I wouldn’t know I have cancer.These injuries feel worse and have great pain than cancer.It feels like fire, ”I burn alive” sometimes it switches to ice cold with pain in both cases, it feels numb as if I had had a dentist’s anesthesia + loss of feeling as if it ends up being my body.Body loses its function and it is the worst feeling that drives one to madness.You feel the parts of the body that you have no feeling in as something foreign and you lose your breath because of it, you cannot breathe and you have the anxiety of death. I feel like I’ve got nerve poisoned in me.I walk myself to death I think too much because of the restlessness that kills me.Now I can do nothing like I should, suddenly everything is difficult for me now.In the beginning I managed to Common pain relief medications are alvedone and diclofenac and they helped a little in the beginning.I was ashamed to go to the doctor to seek care for all this is so embarrassing.Not only was this something that I have been going on for years I had slowly received ”groin hernia”.It started on the west side where it became altogether big and then the right one also started to become big. But the left one even hurt so it was worse in my eyes.I had to fix it so it didn’t get any worse.I did several different investigations and so that I do not think about what is acceptable and appropriate for me to say now I should instead describe the exact event process so that everyone can form their perception of how you would act and feel if you were in my situation.So I went to hospital regarding groin hernia and he said it will get worse and that the best thing for me is that I operate myself with peephole surgery because scars are small and that I will recover faster.I asked if I was not operating for how long I was doing so,he said for two maximum three years.


I chose this and the operation was booked.I asked people how they had it when they were operated on and everyone told me don’t worry it will go well,You’ll see.One person said he waved his arms around while he was sedated and that they had to tie him up and that he became blue struck by surgical surgery personnel.He said it like a real joke. Jokes or not it may not happen to me I thought.To beat hospital staff and then have to apologize when I simultaneously see injuries that I have caused to them.Just considering this makes me start to feel ashamed.My greatest fear of my life always was that I will humiliate myself and I will be ashamed.And the worst fears and nightmares have come true for me when I think back on my life. Finally,I went to visit a surgeon who will operate me. He brought with him a younger female student from East Asia.I said the one on the left is worse and he said no the right is worse.He told her to come and see you here too.So they looked from there close holes. He said here you see that the right is bigger.I was ashamed because of the burns down there and I haven’t even said to them a word about what I’ve hurt myself with. It was shame right through.He said we should go from right to left.The one on the left side we have to operate with a pit hole operation but the one on the right it may happen that we have to operate with a scalpel incision because it is difficult to successfully fix both with a pit hole operation.But we should try to fix both two with a pit hole operation.I had no objections, I am satisfied only it gets done and corrected.Days went by and it came the day I was to be operated on, so I went through preparation and was really scared.There I got a bed next to a window.They gave me a tablet against nausea and some alvedons I think,besides I got a drop of fluid and it calmed me down a bit.I have waited a long time for my turn to be operated on,but in the end came two younger nurses who are part of this surgeon’s office.They rolled me out to the elevator and then it was up to some floor where I will be operating.They said go to the toilet one last time ok.Then I lay down again on the rolling bed.One of them was behind and put, I did not see her and the other was really nice,she walked to the right side of bed took me in the right hand she showed me her support and I felt really to peace and how loving I have been cared for.Then she walked in front of the bed took me in the right foot and then in the left foot while she holes in the bed. And then I was put into a small corridor.There on the left side or straight ahead,there were surgery rooms and on the right side there were patients who had surgery and is awake and where I was in the middle. At that place prepares the needles and such before surgery.They told me,in there they will be the three people operating you while we prepare everything here at this place.She said you are lucky this surgeon is one of the best there is and he comes here from another city.In addition,they said that anesthetist came from Trollhättan especially for my operation, which is done in the city where I live in Uddevalla.I said I’m ashamed.Everything will go well,You’ll see,she said to me.And then came a third nurse.They said this is our colleague she helps us with something do not remember what my attention was on what she looks like and she was very similar to Mathilde Mackowski from either thought it was her or it’s her sister, at least she looked like a copy of her. She came and went came and went.I had 100% confidence in them.From the first day I came to Sweden until this day where I operated,I have had blind trust and love for this country and the Swedish people.I thought ok I put my life in your hands and I believe in you. All this is just a coincidence. The worst thing for me was that they will see the damage and it will be shameful for me. I was hoping that they would only be three in there as she said and that it would be dark in the room with lights that only glow in the area that will be operated, just like in movies. When they drove me in there were very many of them and it was very illuminated with bright light.On the right side there was an empty bed,in front of me there were several hospital surgeon employees,slightly different nationalities multicultural.On the left side, it was the nurse who would give me anesthesia so she told me, I am an anesthesiologist. You should get anesthesia and it will burn a little.You will get breath in this mask and then you will fall asleep.We will anesthetize you when and we will wait for half an hour before we start operating you. They said the doctor will come when you are preparing for surgery.Are you ready I said yes,I am.I thought this is not a difficult operation but I can actually die here.I got it injected and it sweated a little then I got that mask,and it became a stop when I was going to breathe in,once stop then I breathe in there came stop two and then came stop three.There was another nurse on the right side of the appliance who said, this appliance fails and after that I lost consciousness.Then with a feeling that I have been sleeping for a long time I woke up and got up a little quickly and then I felt very big pain in the chest,a smaller pain where I have been operated on then I felt pain at the navel height on the left edge of my stomach there I’ve never had pain. I felt like I was cut there too.What is there to operate,I wondered?It is a pit hole operation from the navel down, but fortunately, it has been managed with the pit hole operation without full cutting wounds with scalps.There on the left edge of the awakening room was a woman and two men.The two came to me and said you woke up with a sudden jerk, we will drive you down there.They drove me to a smaller rum where they told me to get something to eat and drink.And when I was down there in the place so when I would get off the bed and get up,I got pain on my left leg so I almost trembled on the floor.I had terrible pain in my left leg on the ankle.I said what the hell,what is this for something.They said you may have hit you in the weeks before. Strange I said,I can’t remember this.When I started walking then it got a little better and I didn’t think about it.I drank two cups of mixed juice,I ate sandwiches and one pie then I had pain and then they moved me close to them so that they were watching how I was feeling.I had a disturbing clock on the left side of my bed on the road ticking high.I got a lot of pain relief and later in the morning one of them told me that in other shifts they should give me pain relief that I can take home with me.There was a change of hospital staff and in the morning two nurses sat down at a table near me and talked in silent voice to each other and I snapped up what they were saying.They mentioned my name ”This operation is very good for him”. it looked like I was supposed to hear them.After that came a nurse with medication and there among them I had received four half red capsules.They must have been opioids. After a while,the doctor arrived.I was expecting him to tell me that I had cardiac arrest or heartburn after I had chest pains.So he said that everything went well, the operation went well and that I should contact them if it gets worse and evil with pain.I’ll take the four capsules in case pain becomes unbearable when it hurts.I didn’t mention anything to him and keep quiet.I went home and the opioids if it was now opioids,I didn’t even want to take so I threw them in the garbage instead.As long as I had the other tablets I got from them,everything was fine,I felt almost normal.But when the tablets disappeared,hell started right away.After a few weeks I walked 10 to 20 km. every day.I slept very little but I felt it is even worse now than before the surgery.I walked and could not walk on the left leg.I got a giant swelling on my left leg ankle.After two months these electrical damage has exploded,they now became 100 times worse.And not only that,so now I felt the burning sensation (pain) even on the left leg thigh and it climbs upwards around the entire leg.Now it is definitely much worse with injuries spreading to all holes and it hurts a lot.And when I tell a doctor that I lose feeling where it climbs up and where it has come up to the hip on my left leg where I lose feeling all the more and more.without being able to give me an answer and explanation.They say that nerve damage usually spreads down the legs, from the damage downwards not when they go upwards.Then I decided to report it to the police and to seek care for the electrical stimulation damage that the device has caused me, so I went to the police first.There was a woman I got to talk to.I told her that I was dying from pain that my nerves were damaged,that I lost partial feeling,that I go on long walks and that it was only getting worse that I was dying.She asked me where I bought this and I showed her on my mobile looked at this, moreover, I have said about the damage to the ankle above the foot side and that these electrical damage has exploded. I also mentioned the incident at the psychiatric clinic where I spent the night where everything really started.She said you should get a reply in five days in envelopes that we will send to you by mail.OK after that I went to a doctor so I got Gabapentin where after a while I came up in doses up to 1200 mg. x 3 per day.After and on the fifth day I got two envelopes there in one of them it said that,police investigation has been closed, there is no evidence and in the other almost nothing they are holding.The swelling on legs is not even registered anywhere.I thought ok,if there is no evidence then I should go and get it. I got time at a hospital specialist. I sat with him in a small room where I explained how I was injured and said that I even have visible burns.It is not excessively visible but it is still visible.Beside there was a slightly larger room, he said undress you and lie down on the bed.I told him, excuse me can you pull for curtains ?. There was a gap between the same building. You could see everything from there from the other windows.I felt a bit stupid in my head if I didn’t say anything. Now let’s see,hmm what I see everything looks completely normal.There is no weirdness,he said.I could do nothing more.If he thinks so then I have nothing more to do there,so I went from there.It is in this way that I have been treated from the first day when I came to Sweden,like I’m not even a human.Those who talk to me before I started taking that Gabapentin, they have told me. ”The medicine Gabapentin will make you say everything open ”I thought,never in my life how could a medicine make me say everything open?. The time I went took the Gabapentin three times a day.I have to say that It was disturbing to think all the time when it’s time to take them again.The pain is distorted without and with that medicine it is 100 times more distorted and it only got worse.After about five months with Gabapentin I began to feel that it directly destroys my psyche and personality.My cognitive ability is impaired, my memories are erased, my self disappears from my body.I forget about things I have been planning to do. Forget wallet mobile. I’m just scared that I forget to pay bills. So it has been for me since I started taking Gabapentin and it is only getting worse.The memories are getting blurred I am starting to get insecure.My judgment is seriously damaged and affected. For over a year I have not rested for a single day. I’ve walked every day I have to.My legs are breaking.From exhaustion I get twitches in my arms and body. So I have been through accidents.I have cut myself,I happen to hit myself so I have full cuts and blows (scars). Sometimes in the morning I lie on the floor and cry.The brain does not cope with such impulses it is incompatible with the damage.It hurts in a distorted way,it causes death anxiety,does not tickle properly but to this hole, this causes anxiety, ice cold feeling produces anxiety.I feel distorted pain in muscles that do not release,this also induces anxiety and much more than that.The worst thing is that the part of the body that you do not know is the worst and it causes a dozen different symptoms that torture me to death. The only way out of this hell is that I end my life so that pain disappears. It has nothing to do with the depression this is pure raw suffering.Although you can hear Cancer patients say they want to end their lives.Not only that,I was dressed as usual and walked on my way to work.And I froze a little grand because it was cold and the freezer’s injuries got so that injuries were acquired.Now I walk in warm clothes when I’m out.It feels like Gabapentin cuts contact between neurons,a little there a little there and I slowly disappear.I read about people who have had ECT where they say they have had epilepsy from ECT where it is confirmed by doctors in general care.I have never had epilepsy and now I take such medication that is intended for epilepsy and neuropathic pain.It lowers pain 3o%, not even that and the other 70% beats it straight into the brain.It does not affect body where I am not injured but only where I am injured it gets even worse though it lowers some pain.I don’t know if nerves die because of those medications or because of electrical damage.I have gone through war and as a small child I have only been hit.But all this falls into oblivion when compared with these injuries and the effects of the medicines.They may be specially designed to be eradicated so that you stop complaining.I managed not living with this medicine then i tested various medications for neuropathic pain and just felt bad then i got Cymbalta where they told me it starts to help with pain after two weeks.It did not help me in any circumstances with anything.I love music but when I listened to them I told myself why I listen to it. I saw exactly how it stripped everything from me to even the most beloved, to listen to music.Music has made my everyday life happier, a little more beautiful all these years and it all disappeared in two weeks with Cymbalta.I took it in the morning and would go to training and just at grocery stores I got blood pressure drop from it.I didn’t know how I got to this place, where I was going somewhere and why I was there.It was a strand of hair that kept me conscious so I still knew everything.So I quickly went into the grocery store and bought a chocolate candy and then I recovered.Had I been on the busy street and if it was going all the way then maybe I would have walked unconscious in front of a car and I had been overtaken by a car.I felt that I was poisoning myself with that medicine,so I immediately decided that day to stop taking it. As soon as I quit the next day,I immediately started feeling good again.The next medicine is the last lyrica I take now.Even there it is the same as Gabapentin.I should take the 250 mg twice. per day. Even though I take them in the morning too,I feel the same way with Gabapentin.It’s a little gentler but it’s the same hell.It is even drug classified and I who do not even want to take drugs now they have forced this drug in me.They talk to me,on this psychic cognitive set of words they affect and reach me.It is the state that has never ever questioned and has allowed the final help of the mental health care ECT.When they have allowed over 700 volts to be given to people,even to children, then we cannot question anything.If children can get this,so can we adults too, according to the state.If you do not fall on the ECT trap, they have put it in all segments such as sex,muscle pain relief,muscle training,scanning of damaged nerves with more electrical current which they claim are at low strength and are harmless according to those at the pain clinic.That way they have given me injuries that lead me right into death, and they give it to us all.But they also have pain relief to the trap of death where they also affect me physically where they have put their fingers straight into my brain with a drug classified medication.When I take them in the evening and morning I feel terrible and if I have taken in the morning I can not write a word.I have everything where I try and it does not go.Not even a word.I can not think clearly simply.They provoke a terrible anger and anxiety.The crime (estim) is for people to lose their body and where to suffer around the clock.The pain tortures one into madness and then you can make a mistake for example say something ugly,whatever.You have no peace, you do not live under human conditions.The only pain relief Gabapentin and Lyrica is not to help with pain and anxiety because it does not help,but instead it intensifies pain and anxiety.The damage makes one completely crazy and when you take the medication it throws one even further and reinforces the image of one as crazy.You suffer even more.Therefore,I refrain from taking them in the morning so that I am not drugged around the clock. When you take them during the day you also feel psychotic and lobotomized,it’s like you’re not in that place.It continues to hurt, in addition,I feel terribly mentally ill.They lobotomize a person so that they lose their cognitive ability and only become dumber with time.What the medicine Lyrica elicits can best be described as the series called (twilight zone).When you take this medicine every night when you have taken it you die and all the plans you have had the day before have also died. When I take Lyrica at night,I have tried to write and have written.Life is unbearable with Lyrica,but now I am considering living with pain where I take only Seroquel to be able to fall asleep at night.And now that it has cleared up in my brain without Lyrica so when I have read what I have written under the influence of drug-classified medicine,I have erased every word. When I take them I do not know what is important and what is not,I go on emotions and not on logic.Everything sounds completely stupid afterwards.There you can see what a terrible impact it has on me.And without Lyrica just with this pain I have said things that I never would have done before I was injured two years ago.There you see the devastating impact these injuries have on my mental state.With medication I am psychotic and without them, these pains torture me,where I slowly get teased to death and get up to the same level as with the Lyrica medicine though in a different way.I keep a bit of understanding so that I can think reasonably normally still, but at the same time I lose it anyway.The day I tested (estim) was the day I dug my grave.When pain came then I lay in my grave coffin.Every month I live now with these medicines and the injuries are a nail in my coffin.How many nails it is needed until when I have died, gone crazy or taken my life so I do not know.When I see that I can no longer live with pain, suffering and because of the crime I have been exposed to,I consider going to Dignitas in Switzerland,where I can commit suicide because of the Swedish state.It sounds and still looks human in my eyes.It ends my suffering.I do not want to kill me,I would love to live but I am murdered this is execution.Millions of people all over the planet have gone into this trap.When I try to search for people who have been harmed by this,so that I see how they feel,then I can find no one who is injured.Google censors millions of injured people to death.We can never find each other for everyone is blocked by states through google.I feel like a corpse, I die. You get silenced by the state most seriously.Taking ”Zyprexa and Seroquel” is not the end of the world.But taking (Gabapentin or Lyrica) for electrical damage it is the end of the world.It means the end of one’s life and existence.That’s what there is,nothing else has been told by a doctor.Taking regular non-prescription painkillers does not help with nerve damage of this kind.I have to take them every hour and they do not even help so it is not possible.Beyond that,I can’t even breathe.Not because I have problems with lungs but because of anxiety I breathe heavily at night and during the day due to pain. It doesn’t help to cry.This is the end for me.You can not exist with such injuries.This is not even injuries,injuries are when you break legs are cut or shot or when you hit.the body can heal all this but not this does not (estim) damage. This is massacre mutilation.If the ”Estim” injury had only been on the leg then over time I would consider amputating it so badly this is it.Now it is not possible to amputate half the body.I’ve been thinking about going to a hospital and villa cutting nerves on my back a bit so maybe it’s better to be in a wheelchair than with this pain that beats and affects the brain directly.They have turned me into an invalid.I get the same qualities like those who have had their brains burned with ECT.All the hell I feel makes me breathe anger and hatred.I get angry because of what they have done to me.Now it’s been two years since I tested it.For a little over a year I have been living in pain.My nerves have died a second time and they continue to die.Now it is even more of my body that I have no feeling in and it gets worse every day so I do not know where this ends.It is followed with even great pain.It is ongoing body collapse where nerves,cells,vessels internal organs are damaged,where the body loses function and simply goes to death while I live. I fight for life every day.When I fall asleep I continue to dream of injuries as I feel pain in my dream.I just repeat over and over ”what have they done to me”.I have no depression it has disappeared 15 years ago when I confessed to the police alt.I have regained Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome precisely from these ”e-stim 9-volt” injuries that I received in 15 minutes.I see I’m going to die.The only thing to fall asleep for me is that I take Seroquel to be able to sleep and Lirica which lowers pain or anxiety a little. Actually,it does not reduce pain.It continues to hurt the injured part of the body.It kills my personality so that I almost die overnight in my psyche and pain,I continue to feel as I sleep so I don’t forget for a second that I am injured and don’t stop thinking about this not even when I sleep.This is psychological torture that lasts as long as I live and the more the body dies the more the torture pain grows in strength.I get beat up over and over again every day.This is a life and death battle that I can’t win.There is no one who can.The Guantanamo prison cannot be compared to this Hell.If those people are dragged then they can sleep and dream in peace but I can never do it again until the last day I live.Otherwise without them I can’t sleep at all.And these medicines Seroquel, lyrica,cymbalta you get from Psychiatric care.They hurt people with ECT and it happens to be just them and no one else who has pain relief and help with sleep and who doesn’t even help.Of Seroquel I gain weight.


Of this,I have a high risk of getting diabetes.And once in the beginning when I gained weight from those medications I got disrupted metabolism so I had to take medication against this.I was on the verge of getting diabetes by Zyprexa and Seroquel due to being overweight.When I only take lyrica I miss breakfast and lunch after which I lose appetite hunger feeling totally.Then I only eat in the evening.But down I take Seroquel with Lyrica then it has the stronger effect so in the end I eat too much and gain weight anyway. When you think of Seroquel I can have diabetes and when I get it I will also have to take medicines for diabetes.All of the medications are sure to damage my kidneys and liver.When kidneys become damaged, I will have to take medication for impaired kidney function.Heart is also breaking, for sure.So getting (estim-damages) means death to me in the end.Not to talk about how bad I feel about not feeling my body.And when I have taken Lyrica so when I wake up I feel like I have been frozen or dead for many years and then the next day I have been thawed and revived where I feel totally emotional death,confused,lost,insecure and anxious with terrible anxiety.They have to fight during the day walk to throw this poison out of my body to find again meaning and reason to continue living.And it is repeated every day, over and over again.I constantly feel that I want to vomit especially in the morning and it is the same if I do not take them, out of pain I feel that I want to vomit.It feels like I had been drinking strong liquor and I get dizzy from it. I can’t think really clearly.Now it has become worse with injuries so it stings like needles and new symptoms come all the time.I’m starting to panic anxiety from all this.I feel exactly that Lyrica is hurting my brain I just disappear. I can’t live this year out 2019. I’m not even sure if I live this month out.When I think back,they have done to me like this.But when I think of my child, he has been born well in advance when he was supposed to be born.Everything was ok with him.I understand that children can cry for a long time but my son foals in sudden loud crying and cramping like crying condition where he wiggles around.It was so bad that I thought something was wrong with him.Then he feels good again as if nothing has happened. Growing up,he got angry attacks where it suddenly burst out of nowhere. Through his upbringing he has had concentration difficulties. Now I think it may be that those who talk to me have done the same to my own child.They could just as well scream in his ears,let him hear disturbing noise.He couldn’t say it to me because he was too young and couldn’t talk.Because of concentration difficulties he has had a hard time in school.And this police investigation have taken all the power in me so I couldn’t bring myself to run and help him with school.Now at the end I see that my son has no prospects for life and I’m dying.They have eliminated me and they have also eliminated him, without he is aware of it.It has not gone well for him.He is a very nice guy with a good heart as a majority of immigrant children.It is so that they have built a picture of us as a dysfunctional family,where they can show the rest of the world a Swedish fabricated alternative truth of me and my family.He likes music just like me.He wants designer clothes and I don’t have this opportunity to give him.To a certain extent I give as much as I can then we have to have food and to pay bills.Without successful schooling and education he cannot get a job.If he does not get a job then he can fall into the trap like hundreds of thousands of other young people especially immigrant youth. him as the negative figure in society,a problem child and then he is eliminated from Society and in my case in me they have forced a drug-classed medicine(drug) that relieves pain from abuses that the same State has legislated, allowed and where they pretend it doesn’t even exist.It’s not even called crime.That Novichok who gets nerves to die is wrong but Estim is OK.It may be because Novichok can be spread where the power-holders and the wealthy elite and all their families can fall for it and be harmed in the same way as me and such a thing must not happen.But this can not be spread uncontrollably,in this goes only those who are chosen and who are to be thinned away.They have eliminated me in this way.They have removed a family provider,what is worse,I am single.I had a dream to find a woman where we would love each other to live and be happy in all our days, as long as we live.Even that dream has died for me.After what happened to me,I don’t even think about women anymore.A relationship is ruled out for me.If I had been in a relationship then it would end in divorce now.No woman wants me now, she would only see a man who obeys and is dying.But anyway so in the end I decided to write everything open but first I want to see in my patient record what they have written about me so I ordered my patient record from the psychiatric care I also ordered my reports from the police and after a while it came home to me.I report to the police stand it ”They have sold a product that turned out not to be what they claimed and it is fraud.I’ve thrown those journals so I can’t remember exactly but that was what stood there. Nothing about injuries that I am dying,pain,nerve death.And journals from psychiatric care took me a very long time to read through.There must be a Poet writer who has written templates for every mental illness where they just change the name of the patient.Wherever you go to any state institution all they say that they have a duty of secrecy and that no one will know about what we individual people say to them. printed out my patient records and sent to me so he or she could read everything.Personal privacy does not apply to the state.They come into our lives just as if we were animals or a store where our private memories are different products on sale counter.They root through our memories,they open up to themselves and then they leave a mess behind them and go out.The door is open and unlocked for them.We ordinary people do not share that information with each other and that is why they can build such death traps for us. It struck me,I have acknowledged everything 15 years ago.What if the police will deny that I have acknowledged all crimes? Therefore,I went to the Police and asked if I can get a journal from that police report 15 years ago.I said I want to talk to someone. He said it can’t, tell me.There were a lot of people in the reception and I told him,I have admitted crime,I want this journal.He said the journals that are so old are in Gothenburg.I’ll contact you in some way.I said you want my mobile number,he wrote it and he never contacted me.Here’s how I get treated.We live our lives in confidence in Society,the power that all that they serve to us in the media is the truth that we should follow.If we follow it and if we do not deviate from state norms,then we will not suffer badly,everything is OK we are safe.That is why the state takes care of us.They warn us of dangers.The state warns of dangerous products such as alcohol,drugs,carcinogenic substances in clothing,in food products, cigarettes and so on.You accept it as a danger so you are suited for it.You cannot avoid thinking about what you hear in the media talking about this over and over again, it is dangerous.But the problem is that,because you believe in the state,you think that it is just that which is dangerous and nothing else.All of this they care about because their families and themselves consume it so they warn over and over again to the productive normal citizens who are important to society. Intelligent children who want to become medical researchers and so on are not a rule that they are born into wealthy families. They do not touch it,they are born a little everywhere even in poor families.For such people there are human rights.But those who have no common sense,those who go into such death traps, they should be cleared away. That they could even think of the idea of considering testing something so dangerous. Then it is equally good that they castrate themselves with their own hands.We must remove such from society and the living world, because they deserve nothing better than such an end to their lives.If you are injured by -estim- then you have difficulty coping with your everyday life after you die under inhumane conditions.You can lose your workplace and then the state has a vacancy for someone they consider to be worthy, healthy and obedient citizen. They have manipulated me into listening to them and their good advice. Now I have become without my family because of them.They want me to have no one I can lean on,to be able to get support from. Now I’m completely alone. Not only am I dying,I might as well end up on the street as homeless.It is the normal people who have had a safe life throughout their lives, who have the right to live according to human rights in peace in Sweden.Such people leave the Swedish power at peace.In this way,they experience their lives in complete harmony where they believe in Western democracy,freedom,humanism,human rights,equality between men and women,that everyone has equal value and all the image that is displayed and repeated in media around the clock,over and over again.The state glorifies itself through media like the fair,authoritative,holy and good,so that they can disarm our intellect with propaganda full of different values and lies that will control our behavior.That is why there is such a big difference between those who live their lives in freedom and those who are investigated and tortured by power through the police.So when we say all this openly, the majority of citizens do not believe a word on us. We are sick and crazy, the truth has nothing to do with us.All this is important for all the wealthy,those in power,the whole state system that is politicians,the police,psychiatric care,general care,the media, companies and so on.Then secondly to us ordinary people.We also consume the same food products,clothes and other things,so for so long we share equal needs with them. All that is part of this that the state wants us to see.There is talk in the media about the dangers to our health time and time again,in this way we get a picture where only this is dangerous and they talk about safety.The word ”security” is the word that I have heard too often along with human rights and equality.You get the feeling that you are safe. They talk about human rights, about all equal value,so I imagined that even I had a human right to live and that I too am worthy of being human. In the beginning 15 years ago they have supported my idea of human rights struggle for democracy,when I slowed down, was not interested then they have put me in this direction.Now that I have fallen into the trap they no longer support me, instead I feel that they want to hurt me more. they give me a slap in the face where I,as a dying person, have now realized that it was they who constantly took my life slowly.Their goal was never to sentence me to prison for crime,instead, the whole intention was that I must die.All they did was just get my trust in them so that I follow their good advice, where they mislead me so that I stay in solitude where I should not have contact with people in isolation.It led me to lose the human traits of my personality which in turn caused me to injure myself in accidents and state crime death traps,repeatedly.That,in turn,is the evil spiral that will get me labeled as crazy.But their main intention is that I die either because of injuries, medications or suicide.No matter what and why it may be now,it must not happen that I am still alive.I must not become alive and normal when it comes time for the court trial that they said I cannot avoid even if I want to.Jail exists to punish,injure mentally people who commit crimes.But if people happen miss control over their mood and behavior then it is a weakness that the state uses as a weapon against people who are detained and sentenced to imprisonment.Then they start a vicious spiral where the police cause them to make serious mistakes so that the state can punish them more.If they succeed,the inmates will begin to injure themselves because of psychological stress then it becomes a lottery win,for the Swedish state.People should be harmed to such an extent that they can never function normally again in society.It goes down this way the state has reason to imprison people.But when they do not have a proper reason to lock one for many years and they still want to eradicate an out of society therefore the state has legalized genocide -estim- which should destroy one’s soul from one’s body.In that way, the state such as me is annihilating by fooling us into death.They don’t need jail to do it, it’s as good at home as they have done to me.Thanks to a life of 15 years of loneliness,I have suffered worse than if I had been locked up in prison.Myself, who have listened to them,they have hurt more than they have hurt criminals who have ended up in prison.The state power is Riksdag at the top which has its arms Police and Psychiatric care.They are a killer couple.It is the three who are the power but they are nothing but the most important company that produces the lethal products that wrap people crowds into death. In this way,it is possible for them to exercise the power in the way they want, and through the Police and psychiatric care they reach all of us citizens.They reach us through the police if we commit criminal violence.It is the looking piece where they have obtained evidence against one and it is perfectly ok.Commit no crime? Imagine how you would feel if you were robbed of your savings when you are 70 years old, for example. Was no criminal was a hero,was a Robin Hood ?. If we do not commit the crime of criminal violence then they make us sick in the same way that they have done to me through Psychiatric care and then they take in hard gloves where they use all segments of society against one.They decide how to end the story of me.I cannot and no one can fight against them.The state is too powerful for all of us.The fact that it went to hell with me is simply because I am something foreign.I’m not swedish.I’m just Vahid,a refugee from Bosnia.They have pharmaceutical companies that manufacture the antipsychotic medication and they have companies that manufacture death ECT for Psychiatric care and the other products that lead people into mental hospitals and suicides that are -estim devices of various kinds.There are hundreds of different and every one leads to death in the end,after one does not live.This is no life I live now so massacred with these mutilation injuries.One of the most important tools that the state uses is media TV, radio, newspapers, internet censors like google, who watch what the people see and what it should never be talked about. What is not talked about, nor does it exist.I have heard media talk about problems in Kista,about problems in Rinkeby but never a single word about mass murder of the people with state lies,about the dangerous products and about all that I have said about and what I have suffered.The state has approved and allowed companies open hands where they manufacture deadly products under false pretenses without warning that they will be completely destroyed forever.When they murder then it is not crime. As they market and sell stuff, they withhold the vital information of life that makes the difference between life and death.To exclude telling the truth literally means almost lying,when they lie,it is not crime.The state has the Swedish Electricity Safety Agency which controls dangerous electrical appliances for consumers what I understand, but all the hundreds of different -estim appliances are totally invisible to them and that is something that is not right there.In media, it is never talked about all the deadly products Estim of different kinds so that the vital information is kept away from the population even there.If you try to search the internet, you find no warning then it is not flagged as dangerous.If you look for people who have hurt themselves with the products,you will not find a single person.We can be several in one city and can never get to each other so we can ask each other,how are you. Actually,I want to ask what happens to someone who is injured. I see that it will only get worse never better.I am going to die,what will happen to me.I could have lived for 30 more years but now I do not know if I live this month out and that Sweden has given me on a legal way.We die in parallel with each other in silence and loneliness. Someone is responsible for the possibility that a person can be harmed to such an extent, where life is extinguished forever and that it is not flagged as a general danger to humanity is entirely unimaginable to me.There are millions, perhaps many millions,who have fallen into the trap,searched for potential danger and no one finds the warning.It’s so inhumane and evil to do so to people just to get them into the trap of death to end their lives. All of them are power and all of them are state.They exist in symbiosis with each other.This is where all money and wealth change hands and where power is.They like when billions of people look at them in their luxury lives and their fancy suits when they rule over life and death, then they feel a bit like gods.Politicians talk about human rights humanism,humanity security that is heard everywhere,while keeping silent about what is the worst of the worst on the entire planet to which a human or living organism may be exposed,what is equivalent to death a camouflaged death trap.We see what they want citizens to see, it’s just talk about the positive, and that’s the advertising we all see in the media. Under the surface things go in the opposite direction. Society builds and shows an image in which law and order,ethical and moral behavior are promoted in the media and then we listen to this where it is constantly repeated.We see it on TV we listen to this on the radio for days and what is repeated many times in the end is the truth that does not even mean to be true. When we the population take on state propaganda and accept it as our moral compass then power has us as its blind faithful subjects.Whoever believes in the most is the one who can hurt the most of all.I believed in the Swedish state and here I have reached the dead end.I fight against clock and time.The more time passes,the more I fall apart physically and mentally because of the crime I have been exposed to.I have a harder time coordinating words and telling what I want to say.I listened to the radio where it was about a woman who had been discharged from a closed psychiatric clinic ”that is state” and where she had been sent home without having time for open psychiatric care.They simply forgot about her. She has committed suicide and psychiatric care is criticized in media ”that are state” for sending her home where they should have done more so that her life could be saved.And now they intend to take major action so that it is not repeated again in the future.And this is repeated and repeated throughout the day and the next day on the radio. What are the measures they intend to take? Is it that they intend to bring police ”who are state” home to people in order to force them into mental hospital.It gets on my nerves to hear as soon as people have started taking medication because they are feeling mentally ill and when they have taken their lives, they are immediately labeled as unpredictable.They are not according to their own minds.It is mental illness that has caused them to commit suicide for no reason,according to the image that the state builds from the mentally ill through the state system.Then at the end of the day at 15.20 they let a young woman talk saying that she intends to report something criminal,which has happened to her where she has been ill at the closed psychiatric clinic.I worked and it was almost 3.30 pm and then I had to quit work and go home so I didn’t hear what it was about. The woman who committed suicide,I’ve heard about it all day and all the next day and it’s tragic for her. About the young woman I heard only once at the end of the day where most people stop working and no one listens to the radio anymore.There you see,when psychiatric care is criticized then no one should hear.Another example is a mother who has had a son with ADHD diagnosis.Thanks to medication for ADHD later,he has become addicted and it led to mental illness.She said he has visited a psychologist 400 times in his short life, he committed suicide.She also criticizes psychiatric care for not doing enough to save his life. What she says is that she wants psychiatric care to have much greater powers so that they can recognize and intervene on the mentally ill who live in freedom,so that they can be forced into mental hospitals.This is even worse.She should have thought before giving the medication to her child.She can even be a fictional character where power and psychiatric care take on tougher gloves to curtail and exercise their power so people keep their mouths shut.400 times in my ears sounds like a little untrue and unreal though you never know.They come from time to time, sometimes they talk about greatness madness. When they talk about a person who has greatness madness where he thinks he is some history epic figure, then the whole population feels a discomfort, shame, No one wants to be stamped in this way or have anything to do with such people. Psychiatric care is the one that knows best and knows everything as it comes from the state.But that we see power as something honorable, something noble where we look up to those, where we sympathize with them,they idolize as something great. Isn’t it greatness madness.Against such greatness madness the power does not resist, that greatness madness is welcome. The person who is sick, his greatness madness is not dangerous, he is just ashamed.But this is what we all citizens are asking in our state faith worship,the power of greatness madness is dangerous to life.We believe in them and they, with their words,put us in a position where we have confidence in them while they have added death traps to us.When we have gone into it then we realize that they are lying, they are executing us. On a part of the planet, power executes people openly as an example to everyone so that they keep their mouths shut and keep silent where they should not question power and here it is also committed to a invisible way, murder with state silence. It is so cleverly done that when you realize the extent of this you are completely shocked,and you only realize it when you have been badly hurt. It is really advanced done here and it goes on. There is constant advertising for psychiatric care.15 years ago I was told,they say that the mentally ill have paranoid thoughts in which the state builds a plot against them.That the mentally ill can build in their head,by imagining events from their imagination,which do not match reality,where the police are involved and that they become most ill when they convince themselves that all this is true.I have heard this and did not know that it is being prepared for myself in 15 years.


It is like this,the executioner who executed people on guillotine has had mask on their heads so that they are not recognized by the population.It is the state that has executed people and they have not stopped it.The state needs some way to liquidate certain individuals for some reason.Late electricity has been invented so by seeing how pigs are stunned when they are slaughtered they have come up with an idea to build horror gear ECT.It is murder where they cut away body parts and what is best for states at all times is that they continue to live while the body dies.Outside of the body,you look completely unharmed and the cuts inside the body are difficult to prove.Therefore,it is not the state’s fault since people have not died immediately at one time.It can be compared to down one leg getting amputated.It is almost better to be without bones than with electrical damage to the bones because with those injuries you have suffered mental illness of the worst kind with the purchase.With ECT they could not reach all people therefore they have put it into six segments,pain relief,muscle training,deep electro stimulation massage of the body,remotely operated pain relief electrical stimulating device where it must be removed after a few weeks because it no longer helps.The patient has had epilepsy from it and when it is out of the body in addition to the original natural pain the patient has also suffered electrical damage,mental illness and has also had epilepsy on the purchase as a doctor denies that it is the reason that has caused epilepsy. At the pain clinic,they use similar apparatus to deep scan the extent to which nerves are damaged, I have read about.Even they say they are harmless.They say that you can get nerve numbness that is transient and that is a complete lie.I got nerve numbness from the -estim 9 volt device from Sinful and nerve numbness is not transitory with me. Instead,I will eventually die because of it.It is a permanent numbness rather nerve death.Here we have it again when they lie so it is not crime. People who have had nerve damage from illness go to those with already injured nerves. They check with electric current how much nerves are damaged.It is not for the sake of cure that they should know how much nerves are damaged.And with this, they already damage damaged nerves so that the patient gets injured even more, although now they have suffered electrical damage as well.Is it not enough with the patient description? And then they get new injuries just like I have.Then there are such pain relief devices, where they put such flat electrodes on the skin.They do not relieve pain but destroy nerves and then they get a pain from hell that is exactly the same as mine and then they are dependent on medication from psychiatric care where they have to start with the medication I take.Not only that, so now they are mentally ill for electrical damage, mental illness is automatic.Then there are such devices where people stop it on the stomach and it should represent training of abdominal muscles. There you lose feeling at best it does not hurt and it is because there is oily tissue there but loss of feeling is guaranteed and it will tease one into madness the rest of life. Not to mention ECT 700 volts.You get dead tissue in the brain.It is not that they erase memories it is that memories do not exist as that part of the brain no longer exists, it is dead.List has become long.It is equal and is a crime against humanity that power commits.The companies that make these appliances, the ones that sell this stuff and the politicians who have legislated and keep their mouths shut where they keep quiet about this.They drive people to pharmaceutical companies, which only poison people with the junk medicine for mental illness that destroys more than they help.They never cure anything. Not only that,so when a person has received these damages then it is equal to being eliminated from this humanity and society forever all the way out to their death.They have become hooked on something that takes people’s lives.It should not even be possible to make money from this fraud.I do not oppose people who have become rich in their talents,and people who are rich, it is not about that,I am happy for their sake, but I oppose those murderers who swim in their fucking psychopathic greatness madness where they know that Thanks to them, someone somewhere on the planet has died and someone is dying.Those who put our lives and our children’s lives in danger and besides that they hurt us and kill us,it is a crime in my eyes.If you are deceiving me so that I lose my money ?,I can live with that, but if you deceive me so that I lose my life then, I cannot accept and reconcile myself to that. It gives them pleasure.It means Psychopathy and is a mental illness.Under the wings of hospital care where they use meaning where they have put on the white hospital uniforms where they look like they help people,they hurt people to died, for the state.Now the executioner does not have to wear any mask, now he is the ”Doctor” it is well camouflaged.They help people who are mentally ill.It is the image that people can see. As soon as you have gone to a psychologist, you have been diagnosed directly and medicines prescribed for various mental symptoms in order for pharmaceutical companies to make money and you are never cured you are destroyed instead.Parliament,there is no left center or right because, on the surface,they stand for the political program and they fight for the safety and well-being of us citizens who have voted for them.While under the surface they have built a deadly back door,a shortcut that is all different electrical appliances.Through this shortcut,they can circumvent that security and they can commit state abuse of any citizen. Thanks to it,they can murder us and our children legally without court.They motivate it in such a way that they pretend to be stupid in the head where the appliances are completely invisible to their eyes.They pretend to be deaf in their ears when people talk about their death because of the 9-volt power supply.They pretend to be deaf where none of those in the state system utter a single word about a sure guaranteed death if one has come into contact with it.Left is for those who let Sweden live in peace.They have given open hands to companies that build death traps that are aimed at sinners of various kinds that must be fought in one way or another.The entire population goes on a minefield and everyone can become potential targets.People don’t usually care when they hear that someone has been hurt.Only it has not happened to them and everything is OK. Some laugh when they hear such but are not aware that their own children can walk on the trap of such death in 20 years.If you feel unfairly treated by society believe me you do not imagine.Reality is not what we think it is.The police and psychiatric care are devastating and they strike together.They are a killer couple.There is no reason not to believe that they are doing it in coordination with each other.It is a matter of getting public opinion people to constantly see the state as the good that protects their citizens from criminals where they are to be fought while the police are fine and honest who fight criminals.They always keep silent,they do not make a fuss of themselves if they do so, as citizens lose confidence in the state politicians and the judiciary.The more people believe in the easier it is to steer the population in the direction that power wants. They just do their job.It’s no wonder that drunk people never die at home.They vomit everywhere but don’t die.When they are in custody, it suddenly happens that they have died due to some unknown and strange reason.And then they conduct their own internal investigation, where they conclude that it was due to natural causes in any case.To commit crimes is completely wrong, I understand and agree, but justice must apply to everyone.If it had been about criminal gangs in this way,the Police will go unnoticed into the criminal network,criminals will reveal their secrets to the police without being aware of it.The police use the negative that exists in the boys’ will to access money in an illegal way where they have seen it in society’s ideal advertising of wealth which is a weakness and that weakness is used against themselves.Now the police are inciting each other with a subconscious suggestion thought, words that they have put in their subconscious.It is the subconscious suggestion that they experience as their own thoughts and it follows it automatically.They put the boys into a psychotic state where they become afraid of each other.That way,they can get criminals to kill, shoot each other.One can believe that the Police would never do that.It is true that they do not want open but in this way where it is not possible to prove,then they want to do it. I have been able to feel and experience that on my own skin. Let the police see that you are armed and they will shoot you.It is the same when they know that you are armed, you are a danger to the Swedish kingdom. The police do not produce any products, everything is only about crime and they keep going day after day.They can go on like this throughout one’s entire life without any problems where they have the one they are investigating under control,and there is no life that one lives, it is worse than war. In war you experience the awfulness outside of your body but they come into our psyche and all that breaks is we who break in our mental state, where they can cause us to make the wrong decisions that lead us straight into death.We are the ones who are crushed and it is we who lose all the human in us.We just become a thing, wound a zombie who tries to keep the mask that everything is OK,while the power running kills orgy on us.The way they do it is that they say everything possible to one without taking into account one, in a brutal way with full force and with everything they can handle.Then they let us wrestle with our own conscience where we can’t tell anyone and so it goes on day after day for decades.Everything in us they use against us,our feelings or everything.In some countries power gets the truth and people disappear where they are physically and mentally damaged by power,but here in Sweden they torture a psychic over 20 years, then they harm one for life. with lies allowable fraud.When we die or are about to die then they transfer blame on ourselves so that it is alleged to be our own fault.We have done it ourselves, no one has forced us. They can shatter but worse, they can hurt entire families.You do not live a free life,it is worse a prison,because in words they hurt us and teach us in traps that the state has approved and laid out.Their words are suggestion instruction to actions. In words,they can get one to make any mistake.In this way,they commit murders of people of their choice.They have told me ”The more criminals use violence, the easier it is to crush and imprison them”. I think everyone’s lives are valuable even to people who commit crimes. I am not an enemy to anyone on this planet,nor to you who have committed crimes.Tomorrow it may happen to all of us that our children are in disputes with power.A small mistake and they have the police over them. I have said everything that has happened to me so that you will know what you are dealing with when you enter a collision course with power and justice.I do not question your actions and do not judge anyone.I just note that criminals are not the only ones who commit crime and murder people.It’s the easy way to access money in an illegal way.Here you see how fraud and murder are linked when you climb up to power where it is even committed in a legal way,down the killings they do it with advertising and a smile.To us,values are served where the truth is sacred.We believe that while realizing that lies are the standard the state uses constantly.They don’t see it as a lie.It is necessary for them to contribute to society for any political purpose.A lie that favors them and alt is OK.They don’t threaten but they kill.They do not go armed but they kill.They kill legally and all they are part of the network the rich power hierarchy elite.You can’t even classify state atrocities as murder.They build carefully, shortcuts where they can escape from all responsibilities such as fine righteous,fair good while criminals are to be fought with more imprisonment.As soon as they say they want to build more prison directly,they are nothing better.All those back in time,no matter what political party they belong to,they have all turned a blind eye to this kind of annihilation on the population. It is because they have all used that method.What has happened to all the people who have been injured,they have died.The law should apply to both holes. Those up there are armed with weapons and we do not ask for weapons.There is nothing special,holy,grand or noble with You.According to human values that the state has planted in our heads that in reality everything is sacred,to begin with the state and so the whole range of values that are part of the grand rich power hierarchy elite.All values are sacred except the only thing that is not sacred is the lives and safety of us and our children by ordinary people.Our image of blind faith in the state leads us and our children to the grave. The more we believe in the more they can harm us.We should see our lives as the most sacred on this planet.Those up there are not important or special it is we who are important to each other,ordinary people.We have to question everything that we have been taught, for our own good.They have taught us that we should be silent and that we should obey them.Gone to hell with them when they kill us.They are magnificent, righteous,just,they own and have a monopoly on the truth, they rule over life and death.No such thing exists,it is a delusion that is served to us around the clock in media from power to us ordinary people.Have a rule ”harm no one,kill no one,do not take someone else’s property that does not belong to you,deceive nobody,harass anyone in any way”.If you follow the rules then it can not be wrong, you can be ashamed and with that shame you can live with.But if you have killed someone, then you will regret but there is no return from that debt.There is no rule that says criminals must kill each other, throw weapons and drugs.Of drugs you can never think clearly,you have a powerful weapon your brain, it just has to clear it from poisons and then you can think and use it as you should.Kill no one,have them as friends.Always assume that you will meet a friend.See how Sinful with a smile kills thousands of people.If they have sold thousands of estim products,they have ended the same number of lives and no one stops them.It is because they have the state behind their backs as support for it is something gigantic that the state is running while keeping quiet,are silent as shells about the horrible crime.Sinful is just a chain loop that promotes death to us and our children. When we humans get locked up in prison then some within us die, we never become the ones we once were.You just make your families sad do not do it for their sake, they are the most important wealth you have.For money you can buy a super modern prison house where you isolate and lock yourself.It is better to be poor but to have one’s family and one’s social security with friends and family.I’m poor, but it doesn’t seem to be enough punishment that the Swedish state wants to punish me with.Therefore, they have taken my band to my family from me.They have taken my body from me.They have murdered me.You are in one gang and the other gang are people you have not happened to meet before.Commit no crime, cooperate with each other instead just as power does. Whether we are Swedes or Immigrants regardless of religion,race or political opinion, when we end up in prison we are treated as animals by power.We are treated by the state as animals even in freedom as you see in my example.Inside,we are equal, people without dignity.And when we come out because of that crime and that jail sentence,we can’t get a job. They have treated me like an animal and worse than animals at home, they reach us wherever we are.Power uses smart intelligent people who have attended the criminology college.They are champions of making a splash for all of us,which in itself is not difficult to do because they have been told all our secrets and our personal qualities that we have revealed. With that,they lead us into the abyss that they want to lead us into.How bad things are going for us depends only on the characteristics of those who talk,what feelings they have in relation to us.If you are wondering how can you kill people without getting stuck in jail then ask the state,police politicians, psychiatric care, general care,media and so on for they know how to kill people from their own experience.Take in one hand a loaded weapon and in another -estim any one of hundreds of varieties.The gun bullet can hit us all and it is very harshly punishable by power, it leads you into prison.The -estim is even worse weapon than the gun. it is a terribly evil death trap.It is not talked about, because it comes down to us all from the top. It is so effective and deadly.That is why it is so quiet about it, so that they can continue to lead infinitely into death so many unwanted people for one reason or another.We die from the pistol bullet, we suffer a short while later we are dead but we no longer suffer. The -estim is not punishable by the state because it is not an uncontrolled spread of any danger to society.It is not a danger to those up there because they know what that device is for something,they will protect their families with knowledge of it.But some of us are not well informed, we do not know because there is no information about it and then they lead us into the trap as they have done to me.It is meant for all of us who are specially selected for transformation from normal to sick for life, to deathbed. because of society.There are no ordinary people who have hurt me. None of them have hurt me.It is the police who have never let me go.Though I can’t prove it and they will surely deny it all as something completely impossible.They have kept me and pressed me when with psychological torture for 20 years and more.I was not given the human right to serve my crime instead of it now they have harmed me for life to death. Feeling mentally ill is one thing, you can end up with the junk poison drugs whenever you want but being injured with a nerve poison-estim and having half their body dying and what’s worse now I can’t stop taking drugs now I’m a slave to pharmaceutical company.I am transformed into an overweight corpse that is in the phase of decay.Humanity is so happy to place a propaganda image where they help people in need so that everyone sees their commitment.But no one has ever helped me, no one has saved me from anything.Those who have saved me are my family and Swedish power has turned me around so that I lost the most valuable my family.I needed to be saved with information about the harmful nerve poison electrical product estim.Who the hell would think the state is hurting people to death,I wasn’t prepared for that.It is the state that has allowed and used all the means to not know the truth about this damn estimate. Now it is damage that has taken my body away,continues to take and now takes my mind too.It is only now that I realize why they are talking to me they want to hurt me and make me crazy.Everything was fine as long as I had contact with my family and friends but when votes came in thanks to them I am now dying in solitude in a foreign country that has taken away everything from me,my dignity,my body,my family and they have stolen 15 years of my life with lies,even though it turns out they are not lying,I get out of what they are doing,with an important detail ”I come completely destroyed and dying from their police investigation”.My life is not worth living anymore.For 15 years they have talked to me and with that they have removed me from my old life.Now it is injuries that erase me bit by bit,I feel split and it is a terrible feeling all the bands that I have had are erased, disbanded and die.I forget who I am, that I have had a family once in a while,that I have had a childhood,a life in my home country with my family and friends when I felt joy and was will for everything dies.It feels like the damage is spreading to the brain. In a year,if I live for so long,I will not be the person I am now.My personality changes at the same rate as the injuries worsen and the pain grows.My perception of reality falls apart.I no longer experience reality as normal people do, rather all organisms experience their reality in a natural way but not me.Here it is the body that loses its function. It feels like these injuries are spreading to the brain.Now it is the brain that also loses its function.When I fall asleep the suffering that I know and suffer simulates as if someone is screaming at me and verbally abusing me throughout the night as I sleep.When I wake up,I understand that the terrible suffering comes from injuries.Only when I am awake then do I experience silence.Then you can imagine how I feel,I die physically in plagues and mentally where my personality is massacred and blasted into small constituents where I am not a person anymore but instead I am shattered the memories of a person who has lived once in time in this body.In words for over 20 years they have changed my habits, my behavior,all my human qualities and my whole personality.Even the first time when I have injured myself in a different one I have asked myself how could I have become such a nod in my head.What is happening to me.These are the ones that have driven me crazy and sent me that night to a closed psychiatric clinic in Trollhättan.There they have scared the life out of me and in addition they have given me question marks where I should ponder whether it has happened or has not happened to me something that should not happen to me there.Events that have not been answered and that have been pondering for decades destroy one and create a psychologically terrible lot of suffering.I’m not sure if anything happened to me, it’s not important anymore.I don’t even care,but they have used that question mark against me.They have hurt me for life because of that night at a closed psychiatric clinic in Trollhättan.Because of them,I have had a nervous breakdown.This state has harmed me physically with the nerve poison-estim on legal set and those injuries are fatal.It wasn’t enough for those with all that has happened to me before through my life,so when I operated for groin hernia I got even more question marks that I should ponder.


It felt different with worse injuries.My left leg is dying.After surgery I got the same pain as the ones I got from the -estim but now also on the left leg.It spread quickly from knee to hip.Now both injuries are compounded with each other where I do not feel half my body with all the different torture pains.I think my leg will need to be amputated, although it is not possible because now it has come to the hip so it is death that applies to me now.There you see what situation I am in, and they keep talking to me.Now they say to me, ”Vahid you have believed in us, listened and followed our challenges. That’s all we needed from you. We had you,all the advice we have given you was just for us to pass the time with you.In time you will go into what you have gone into ”. They say this to me now and you can imagine and understand that their words hurt the soul now. Now when I say this openly they will say that I fancy everything and they can force me into mental hospital.But I’m going to say to ordinary people on this planet so you know what the state is and what kind of fraud they are.How I even do,they lead me into the dark abyss and end of my life.Wherever I have come in contact with government institutions,they have cut me bit by bit and killed me,made me physically and mentally handicapped.I have believed in them.I have seen them as something honorable and did not understand why criminals are so damned and angry.I understand you now.They also drive you crazy for a minor crime. Considering that I will die, I intend to say something to all criminals are all dark individuals like myself. You have my sympathies for the rest of my short life that I have left to live.These injuries give me the hell of death where I cannot breathe the pain and anxiety that pushes me all the way to the moment of death that when a human dies a truly natural death,though it happens to me several times a day and it grows in strength. Suffering breaks my heart so that I have everything harder and harder to think rationally clear and logical.I feel exactly how I lose the ability to think clearly.My soul disappears from this world.Swedish power has made every effort to make me as damaged as possible.They want to impress how I have been so badly inhuman to the extent that Keraterm fades in comparison now with the hell they have given me here in the Western democratic country with human rights Sweden.Not only have they violated my human rights, they have massacred my body.They have treated me as if I had belonged to some low standing race.This democracy hurts my body and soul like hell.This is how Sweden uses and lives up to its traditional diplomatic spirit to maintain peace in its country.Sweden stands up to its name and this is the true face of what Sweden really is for something.Sweden strikes where it hurts the most. Instead of judging me according to human rights,once I have acknowledged, they have killed me because I am dying now.They also give in to our children in front of our own eyes. A little disturbing noise where they let go of our children a little at a time.They start at infancy directly,so that they are disturbed by the mental development that will lead children to concentration difficulties.The aim is that children will not achieve more success later in life.They will fail in life just as their parent has done.Estim is the main way to kill a person without getting stuck in jail.They already know what is going to happen to me,it knows every state on this planet but not ordinary people including me. by the way we can put my mistakes on one side of justice and on the other side what has happened to me in this country we will see how guilty I am.I’m not whole anymore. Sometimes when I listen to music I theoretically perceive it as noisy.I don’t understand what’s going on with me.Will I die.All that I have said I have never experienced in my life before I hurt myself with the ”Estim” a little more than two years ago.I take the medication as something that gives me an artificial dream.Now I realize that I have been taking those drugs completely in vain for decades.The call for the propaganda that comes from the state,which I have believed and which we all ordinary people believe in, where they say if you are feeling mentally ill then you should take your medication so that everything will be good and OK.That’s what they disseminate in media one of hundreds of government guidelines and calls. Give me my body back and I will immediately feel good mentally again.They can’t repair nerves,but they don’t mind damaging our nerves,taking them from us and massacring our bodies.Without nerves the body dies so this is the most serious crime in human history in peacetime.Since I tested it Estim and since I operated I dive straight down to the ground right into death. The person I was once no longer exists.In the context of mental illness,they warn in the media of depression as something horrible and deadly where people kill themselves for no reason as unpredictable,and they should treat it with something that massacres the brain ECT .This is where psychiatric care begins to lie to people,where they say it helps individually from person to person.When they lie,it is not crime and this lie leads straight into something that you cannot call a life but rather a hell, a dying process.In fact,they cause damage,a death depression from hell where you want to commit suicide because of massacred brain body that loses its function.You are not whole,you are massacred truncated instead.The reason that the person has gone on the criminal legal fraud is because of the state that is hailing itself as the fair through the media while serving it death to all of us as help.A fraud that never ends.We ourselves have to sacrifice our civil personal privacy anonymity where we say everything here at our own expense for a change in society.Throughout history,ordinary people have always paid with their lives to contribute to society.We listen to them as they mislead and divide us with various negative qualities. We should start listening to each other instead.Through my life in Sweden I have said a dozen times on different occasions with different people that I prefer a quick death,for example, as a heart attack.I’m not particularly scared that I’m going to burn in hell.The way to die is humane to me.But I have said that I fear a prolonged death in pain like cancer.They have listened to me over the years and they have exactly given me what I have feared, something even worse and more horrible way to die, than cancer.The Swedish Empire is a bit like the movie character Wish Master, where they have chosen me.They have felt my first wish where I die in electrical damage with a sea of different ways to obey at the same time.The second wish is that now that I have gone to the trap of death,when in my horror of obedience I say all that openly, now I can even become a hero who saves humanity with the truth of the worst of the worst on the planet. If I had the third wish then I would use it now with pleasure.I wish everyone involved in any way and who has led me into this death, I wish they all follow exactly the same fate as I do.I wish you all to know what you have given me.Then justice is fulfilled.You commit crimes against humanity when you give it to people.What I wish for you is not even crime, it is legal right into this now.Thanks to them, the image of me has become bizarre,shameful,humiliating and insulting,rather the whole planet will laugh at me because I’m a shame spot.A clown,who will entertain Swedish society and the population.When you have no problems in life,when you are healthy then you have a sharp mind where you think and notice everything with ease.You are at a 100% level. When you have started taking medication for mental illness then you fall to 70% where you are no longer the one you were as healthy. I have been injured with the death trap Estim so my brain has fallen to and is close to 30% now.But when I take Lyrica to reduce anxiety then I have fallen to 5%. I do not exaggerate everything is true as I have said. Then I die mentally while I still exist physically.I feel like I’m 80 years old now. This is abnormal.On one page the state constantly talks about sexually abusive,sexual exploitation, sexually harassed where they say in advertising ”You are entitled to your body”.Really is that so ?. Am I entitled to my body? This country has just taken half my body away from me physically.When you hear in news where they say that a prominent person in society has bought sex from prostitutes,where the power hangs one as an example which one should not be,you feel the shame flames how they reach one yourself when you hear this. Then you think I do not want to be in this man’s place now.This is how the state has hijacked and served it as something terrible while nerve poison is perfectly OK.They scare us with a sense of shame so that we should be afraid of them so that we ourselves do not make that mistake and end up in the news flow as sexual offenders. They silence us in a dozen different ways.Committing that crime is wrong, but it is not wrong when you go for something similar to Novichok because of the state.My pain is growing.My body dies and my soul dies with it because of the torture of the invisible to the law tool operated by the democratic country of Sweden that cares about all people equal value, human rights, equality between men and women.They care for all this but not for those who get dead nerves in half their body.This is the reality we live in Sweden, it is my life.It is a fantastic dream state death trap when you think a little carefully.Only for decades do they isolate an individual person away from other people who confuse and mislead the person in a death trap whose power does not happen to see that it exists for any reason.The death trap strikes in two directions,it damages the body and destroys the brain,it produces mental illness of the worst kind imaginable. People who are not harmed by the -estim cannot even imagine the suffering,brought from hell to reality on Earth.Now you are aware that they are talking to one, that you have been injured,that the injuries lead to a mental collapse.It gets worse and worse with each passing day.The -estim damage is of such nature and has the property where it behaves exactly like the data Trojan virus.It destroys the body,at the same time destroys the brain and eventually erases the memories of the brain,erases personality, childhood,human emotions all and all sense.Not a single human trait has been untouched in me,even my entire existence falls apart.So in the end you are no longer sure of any of this that you have experienced and suffered so now that you forget, you can see it as the Trojan virus deletes its tracks after you can not prove something that you do not even remember and which one is not sure.For 15 years,they have harmed my psyche with suggestion words that have distorted and altered my mental health and personality.Now it is the injuries that do all that they have done but with 100% stronger force. It is only now that their words have harmful meaning.I can’t do anything right and so I can’t listen to them.I take medication.It has never mattered whether I take medication or not.I have heard them the same way 15 years ago and until now.That’s why they are real people talking to me and that’s how the police investigate crime.What remains is a shell that looks like the man it once was.I’m going to lose my mind,I’m going to die from this,but before I do,I’ll say all this openly while I have a mind and while I can remember it’s not okay with this happening with me.I am not an evil person, I do not deserve such death I actually want to live.But the pain and despair that I feel drives me to go to Dignitas and take my life there,just to stop suffering so bad is the.I cannot exist with the decay of this body there is no one who can.I have been taking Seroquel and Zyprexa for decades because I was feeling bad as the police crushed me bit by bit. When they have crushed me they do not want to imprison me instead they continued to crush me further.They went to the final phase where they talk to me and I hear voices. Now that image of me as mentally ill is complete.There is only one last bit missing and that is what the state carefully protects from not being told.Electrical damage estimate ECT and so on.Now when I have fallen into the trap when I have hurt myself so now I have got all the worst of the worst symptoms of mental illness and the fact that they continue to talk to me whether I want it or not,I realize now that they had no good intentions against me.Now the state trap is completely completed.NOW they lean back in a relaxed position and enjoy a performance where I babble all this open and where I embarrass myself on an epic scale because if I hadn’t been harmed by that -estim I would never say a word.They have put me against the wall.Now I can choose,I can keep quiet and die in silence knowing that they continue to sell it completely undisturbed and more people will go into this.I know and am sure that they are in the process and will eventually lead our children into this death as they have done with Hundreds of thousands of other people.Now I’m the bad one who makes and spreads a negative bizarre full advertisement about myself just like when criminals do, where they say Fuck Aina.Everyone now hears me as the bad,no one hears the police there and no bad advertising is heard that damages the image of them.There is silence.They are just fine,they monitor computers and listen to our phones and nothing else.That they could talk to us is impossible according to power.If they had acknowledged that they can do it, then maybe the population will rebel then that means no one is free.They come to everyone in their dreams, where they can make people hurt themselves,kill themselves. Then freedom does not exist.If they remove this opportunity then they cannot cope with crime. Therefore,they have created the image that we are mentally ill when we hear voices and they continue with the next and next through time while no one dares to question them.On news I have heard that mental illness is the second biggest cause of people getting sick and it will cost an incredible amount of billions, it was for all of humanity. To me,it is clear why this is so.That’s because power comes to all of us when we sleep.You can choose whether to believe in what I say or not.But I say that if you try to commit a crime, you go right into the trap,where you are sentenced to guaranteed failure.It is because those who commit crimes do not know what I am saying now.This is reality in which we live.Freedom does not exist.It is seen how they talk to us that should be revealed so that humanity knows the truth that it is possible. If they know that, then people will refrain from committing crimes. I’m not going to say Fuck Aina.When the police stop me on the street I will answer their questions in a respectful way.It’s not the ones that have ruined my life.They have never had a problem with me and they will never ever have a problem with me.It is the police investigators,personally exactly the ones who talk to me that I point to as the main responsible and the entire Swedish society that has next to execute me.But I will never ever see the police as something honest and fair. For me, they are well-trained potential cold-blooded killers,a tool that exerts power on the population for the state.Many times they do the right thing, but sometimes they can, if they want to execute an innocent person, they can kill anyone of us without any great punishment for them.It has never mattered who I am inside and whether I like this country.I have had over 25 years only love for the Swedish country and the Swedish people.I have not committed any crimes but they have just driven me crazy.They gave me psychological blows for decades.I struggled to feel good and get to keep my mind and it wasn’t hard for me when I wasn’t hurt by the -estim.I can get out of any difficult situation but I can’t get out of these injuries because this is murder.They want to remove the innocent image of me.They want to make me someone who talks about the worst about Sweden because now I can’t say anything good. I don’t blame the Swedish people because they are just ordinary people like any ordinary people on the planet.All ordinary people on this planet, regardless of religion, race, political opinion or whatever it may be,are all good, valuable and all deserve to live a normal and dignified life without violence,murder and war.We are all deceived and we are meant to be so that they can lead us.They think of us so we don’t have to think with our brains.The Swedish people are struggling and going to work every day to be able to support themselves just like me. Sure,it’s those who live in freedom.They have human rights because they are Swedes and the police leave them alone because they are their own people. The Swedish police do not enjoy the result of their work that will have an entire Swedish family destroyed.Damaging their own people does not give pleasure to the police parasites who talk whole nights to people.Enjoyment comes only when it comes to immigrants like me. But they are completely unimportant as much as I am.They decide nothing that makes power.Power is society and we are society when we give our voice to them.Maybe if I had lived in Bosnia under circumstances that I am in now then maybe the police would have been and also treated me in a more humane way because I am one of their own citizens. I feel that those who talk to me have intended me to fulfill a purpose where I scream like a damaged animal.That in turn is an advertisement for how bad it is to have to deal with the police as immigrants.This can cause many immigrants not to come to Sweden,which stimulates the idea that immigrants will want to return to their countries.One who has suffered infinitely more badly in Sweden than in his home country in war,creates sweet music of calm and contentment.Offering gift 2,peace should be preserved.This is the kind of picture I have of them when I think back in time. I want to leave here but you have told me that no matter what country I go to,this is what is waiting for me there.Wherever I go now I take death with me because I am dying.Society has had that information about the dangerous products and kept the truth away from us all about what it really is for something. I didn’t know what it was and I was in the trap.Now I also know what they knew all along.Now I know that it is only a matter of how long it will take before other people or our children go into this deadly trap. They have taken my life,I do not allow them to take my child’s life too.They take your life if you go on this.It is I who save is life,with the truth.Sweden has given me one alternative now that I should kill myself so that this pain Agoni ends and disappears.It gets 8 times worse from month to month.I am dizzy at the head of this and have no desire to touch that part of the body with my hands.They have castrated me,even if someone who has been injured in the foot of -estim for example so after over two years they are also castrated for the pain that makes them lose will, want to die exactly for everything, and thus also want for sex. This way, you are castrated even though I have lost feeling in half my body so it affects me too.I would be overjoyed if I had been castrated on the chemical and the surgery set, if it had been just about it.At the same time, I have felt almost exactly identical to Sergei Skripal. I would also have been overjoyed if I was feeling mentally ill,such as the worst,when I had a nervous breakdown due to police and psychiatric care 20 years ago.This is nothing and cannot be compared with these injuries.It is the damaged nerves that send distorted signals and brain are disturbed and damaged by this torture that goes on around the clock.This is on another level.You suffer from neurosis.What psychiatric care talks about in the media about various serious mental symptoms in which they say that the mentally ill are based on an event,that they are paranoia,restless,angry,violent,nervous that they have difficulty sleeping,are in fact signs of electrical damage nerves that make builds transform the thought process into a psychotic state.Everything dies to me my dreams,plans,not even music help me anymore.Exercise doesn’t help me anymore either,so I can’t work out strength training.I only run for half an hour.Before,I have trained to be well-trained and now I work out to keep myself alive and that my pain would be lowered for a little while so that I feel normal for at least a few hours,but it is far from normal .Since I now have to take Seroquel to sleep, I now have problems with overweight as well and with that I now run the risk of getting diabetes, kidney damage and liver damage.Only now do I see what Zyprexa,Seroquel,Gabapentin and Lyrica are for.They are for electrical damage, they reduce pain a bit and there is nothing else that can.Seroquel is sufficient for -estim but if you have received ECT then you must have really powerful medicine and that is Zyprexa,to be able to sleep.Without those medications I would not be able to sleep ever more in my life now.They have made me addicted to the medication in the same way as people who are addicted to dialysis.What should I do now,I should go to Psychiatric care and seek help because of the physical and psychological injuries that come from them and which they have caused. Why would I want it,I’m not depressed I am just dying.If so, as soon as you hear voices you are directly the property of psychiatric care.I don’t want to see them with my eyes ever more in my life.There’s where Estim comes.When ECT is legal then this is also legal according to the Swedish state.They want us citizens not to commit crimes,that we should not beat each other, that we should not swear, harass, offend each other.We must follow the moral ethical image that society serves to us.That’s why we never question them.


But when they begin to torture us mentally through the police for decades, their actions are harmful,they are not visible and cannot be proven.They destroy us from the inside so if we say something then psychiatric care awaits with threatening intervention where they have been given legal right from the state to intervene when they see that a person, according to them,is mentally ill. Then it is the police who come home to one together with psychiatric care and the compulsory redemption one.Once you are in there you have lost your voice,human rights do not exist for one then.Power decides over one. What’s worse,I’ve read that in Sweden,ECT is mandatory.In Sweden,in other words, murder is mandatory and if the ”Doctor” decides and if he wants it he can impose that treatment on one.They say we have done everything we could to help you we can do no more for you. In fact,they have murdered one.You go through a dying process from hell. If your child has committed suicide,do not be so sure that it is only your child who has come up with it just like that.Police investigators, those who talk,make no difference between people who commit criminal crimes harm people and people who have not made a fly too close,even children are not holy to them.If you think they would never do that,then you can see when war is going to be the worst of the worst standards.Go back 1000 years in time and you will see that this is standard a bit across the planet.The police have assumed that they can intercept telephone,internet traffic, in other words our homes.What they have ruled out admitting is that the police surveillance equipment includes a microphone as well.The eavesdropping does not affect us but they can talk to us,it affects us. The state has been dressing its population for hundreds of years, where they use our feelings towards us and they turn people towards each other and in this way they split us apart,shatter our relationships.We feel ashamed if we were to be labeled as mentally ill and to hear voices,in other people’s eyes you are completely invalid (we have no voice).Lies and falsehoods are directly linked to us.In this way,it is the one who is labeled as mentally ill,which the power has chosen and given up,it is the one that the population will abandon.That person will not be defended by the population.Power takes one as when a wolf takes a livestock aside where it can slaughter its prey completely undisturbed with ease, without anyone ever questioning it.So they have done at all times.I have never committed and would never commit crime therefore they have built a picture of me as mentally ill so that if I say all this now openly no one will believe me and it will have consequences for me.But I do not care about consequences when I realize that it is the question of time before I have died.I’m dying.I think they have expected me to be able to do this,so they have done it this way from the beginning.It was an alternative of all kinds. 15 years ago when they started talking to me I have had a lot of stuff that I should be ashamed of.The intention was that I should be judged, everything will come out and I will be ashamed to death and they have crushed me and forced me to admit. I don’t want to say any of it openly at that time,and then they have talked to me that I am a victim and that I should not be ashamed,people will understand me,that I should say everything openly so that everyone hears. Now that I am dying,when I write in my desperation all this is now open,it is raining with threats from the now. They say no one will believe you.Everyone who has written it openly has ended up in mental hospital.Now is the time to be labeled as crazy.If you go out open with your name then everyone will talk about you openly and everything about you will come out.You won’t be able to see people in the eyes of shame,you’ll lose everything. You might as well pack your stuff and leave here because after you have said it this way there is no place for you in this country anymore.It won’t be the way you think it will be, don’t say anything.When I think back in time,I realize that it is precisely those who sent me there that night at a closed psychiatric clinic in Trollhättan.They have elicited my compulsive thoughts that would make me feel even worse for me to be crushed and for me to admit crime.They are the ones who have started my social phobia because they can ignite any negative trait under such circumstances and under a condition that there is a basis for it in our lives,which would never have been felt and arisen without them. During the day we live our lives in freedom in the democratic country where everyone has equal rights and obligations in equality and justice.Late at night,they come into our homes as invisible very real intruders right into our bedroom into our psyche.They can come to us without us doing anything. But we can never come to them not even being able to look into their safe hold.Not only do they talk to us so beyond this,they can unknowingly come into our children’s dreams where, with subconscious urges,they can lead our children into any trap.Everything in front of our eyes.They can drive them straight out to the cemetery and they can do the same with ourselves.We can only watch, we can’t do anything about it.What the state approves of crimes such as sexual harassment and sexual exploitation where there is rebellion about it in media so we accept ordinary people as the worst of the worst while millions of people all over the planet have disappeared completely unnoticed in genocide with deadly products which has the purpose of killing, neutralizing the physical and mental way of this world and we are happy to bite into the state honey trap and play with them regarding this,where women are victims and men are usually patterns, sexual offenders.While power restricts human rights where they chew on it then when we ordinary people see and discover it, we dare not say a single word about the crime that is going on where many people know that it is something that harms people to death.We dare not innovate a word on power that behaves like a fascist evil that extinguishes human life.Just look at what has happened to me,is it crime or is it not crime.We raise our voices about sexual abuse where in my eyes it is magnified by society as the worst crime.While they lead people into death and no one says a word about it even though they know it is going on. Everything is OK only they and their children have not gone into this trap.Show people who have lived their lives without severe psychological stress in love of peace and harmony,usually say that they feel every day the special feeling,the overwhelming the divine in everyday life that they can not explain.How to explain it.How about when you think of me.I have established direct contact with the other side.Even,They talk to me. They have almost wiped me out,though it has already been done.But calm down, do not worry.If you are your own citizen of the same race,religion and political opinion in the country you live in,then you will continue to feel the divine every day.They have investigated me from the first day I came to Sweden,I am sure of that.It was the beginning of the end of my life.Then they have not revealed themselves to me and when they have done so they claim to be the ones who save my life.They have talked and they continue to talk to me in a positive way,while I am dying now at the end and have just been hurt because of them and their good advice. And it is precisely this that would claim to be what will get me to finally convince myself that all this is a disease that I must have imagined.It will work,what will convince me is the damage.It is for this reason and purpose for existence that the electrical appliances of hundreds of different varieties exist.Power grinds us into death where we cannot complain because our brain is damaged and we do not remember.When I say this open sentence is also that everyone who reads my words that I have written should also be convinced that I just imagine everything and that everything is a product of my imagination, where none of it is possible and with that they can move on to the next one that they need to investigate for the mistakes of some life and then it goes on.Now I have become scarred in my body and my mind.I took to alcohol in my desperation just for the anxiety to disappear for a short while. That in combination with the Lyrica, my normal thinking was completely knocked out,so I was more embarrassed than ever.Everything that I have thought and that I was afraid it might happen to me, so everything has happened to me. And that’s what has become too much for me.Now that may be enough, that’s why I write all this openly,because everything I’ve been exposed to in this country is not just a criminal act. What I have been exposed to is a criminal fascist act.This is Fascism.I am so injured that in such a state that my body is in now,it has only come out of the extermination camps of Josef Mengele Health Department that are as injured as I am. Holocaust prisoners who were as thin as a skeleton cannot be compared to the state in which I am now. It would be better if I had died when I tested it -estim.All that I have told you I have suffered and continue to suffer.How should I keep quiet with all this and know that I am dying.They told me.Everything that you see out there is on pretend,but if because of you,a single strand of hair falls on the head of one of our people,you will rot alive.You will call for help and no one will help you,they will only look at you while you die.On another occasion they have said,we are doing all this for your sake,people will see you as a hero in another you will be crazy about all this in the end.Another time they told me, the last thing you will hear before you die is us.It’s us you will hear.I can choose from the 20900 sentences I want and they continue with it,all that is true. I always just speak the truth.They can deny and all they can testify to each other but prove it with a video where I am there and say something different than what I have told you about. In video, I also believe in.Even though I imagine an event and even if I had imagined all that I have told, but I have not,it does not matter.I am not important,my life is not important to anyone other than myself,because I will die from this in any case, or go crazy with this pain.I do not imagine these injuries.I told the police about -estim.They have done nothing to stop the sale of the nerve poison products.I have said that to the health care they have not stopped it either.It is the power that drives this death trap on all of us under false pretenses where in the worst case it is called fraud and that you will get away with it so easily while no one is being punished for it.They say Sweden has been shaken by crime and murder.But Sweden has never been shaken by mass murder,where you see about the fair law and order.I’m not the one who spreads nerve poison to people.It is you up there who are doing it right now.You are the one who owns the truth where you judge our actions by us ordinary people,while you commit crimes against humanity yourself.If our children get the electrical nerve poisoned in them,we will see our children die as animals in front of our eyes and there is nothing we can do to help them. I look at all this as I have said as cognitive therapy where I lighten my heart. But instead of paying to the Psychiatric Care for Cognitive Therapy that has never helped me, those who have ruined my life,those who have led me into the grave,then here I get a cognitive therapy where I ease my heart to the ordinary people over the whole planet that hasn’t hurt me and that hasn’t ruined my life.Of this information,humanity is of benefit to me and I speak only to the common people.The power of their media had all the time in the world to warn people and they have not.I don’t want to do anything with any of them.So now you’re all up to date with the truth about this nerve-wrecking junk.If the intention was that I should be an advertisement for immigration to be stopped then you have the Swedish power succeeded very well.I wish I had never, under any circumstances, set my foot in this country.I wish I hadn’t come here.You just had to say what you will do to me and I would go somewhere else.I know now comes the thought where everyone thinks, ”if you think Sweden has treated you so unfairly according to you, why have you come here,we still do not want you here”.I want to go but they have wiped out my bond to my old life. They’ve closed that way back for me forever. I can only go there as dead. I want what I have had once in a while. Give me Swedish justice system my body back that you have taken away from me and we are rid of each other.When I think back on my life,I realize that the biggest disaster for me is that I was born.I wish I had never been born. Before,I want to see the world, experience something new.I have not seen anything, have never gone anywhere and now thanks to the humane,human democracy country of Sweden,I will not be able to see anything because I am dying now.I don’t want to see anything anymore,there’s nothing to see.That’s what I want to say to Humanity,Here you are.


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